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Review: Caffe Curuso, Warrington

My housemate and I were starving and decided that we should go out for lunch and get something tasty! Our usual choice would be Nandos, but I really wasn’t in a Nandos mood. We decided to head into town to find somewhere. I then remembered Caffe Curuso which is a small Italian in town that……{ Continue Reading }

Delgados, Warrington

Delgados had recently reopened back in February after being shut for a while because of a fire last year. It had been on my list to try for ages, and so, for my 30th birthday I decided to give it a go. Judging by the latest reviews on TripAdvisor it was definitely worth trying. I……{ Continue Reading }

Pizza Hut’s Burger Crust Pizza

My 2 favourite foods in the world are burgers and pizza. Imagine my delight when I saw that Pizza Hut advertised a burger crusted pizza on TV. I had a massive smile on my face and turned to Emma and said “We have to go to Pizza Hut soon and try it”. She just just……{ Continue Reading }

Review: Baffito’s, Warrington

My usual choice of place to eat in Warrington during the day is Nando’s. This is because it’s fast and the food tastes amazing! Also, most of my friends really like it, so it suits everyone. Also, there is no messing around with a bill at the end and you can get free refills on……{ Continue Reading }