The Spread Eagle Hotel, Lymm, Warrington

After spending the morning biking along the Trans Pennine Trail we decided to take a slight detour and head into the village of Lymm. There are quite a few nice places to eat in the village but after biking Bez and I were both in need of a nice pint and some proper pub grub.

We decided to go and try The Spread Eagle Hotel, which is right in the middle of the village. It is a place I have visited once before but that was some time ago.

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When we arrived we first grabbed a pint at the bar and went for Manchester Pale Ale. This is a beer that’s served at J.W Lee’s pubs and one that I always go for whenever I see it.

This pub is really nice inside and I think I overheard the staff mentioning that they had recently had a refurbishment and also got a new menu. The menu is everything you would expect from a pub and also did Sunday lunches, which looked really nice.

We sat in the bar area so i wasn’t sure if it was table service or if we ordered at the bar. A member of staff came past though and took my order just as I was about get up and order at the bar.  I think he was the manager as he had a slightly different outfit to the other staff and was really polite and efficient.

I went for the steak and ale pie and Bez went for the BBQ pulled beef brisket in a flatbread with skinny fries. steak-and-ale-pie

steak-and-ale-pie-2I was pleased that this was a proper pie! What I mean by “a proper pie” is that it had a crust under the bottom, around the sides and on top. I am a big fan of pastry and there have been too many times when I have ordered a pie and got a bowl full of meat with a bit of pastry just plonked on the top. That is not a real pie! I now nearly always check that its a proper pie before I order in most places. pulled-sandwichBez was pleased with his food choice, and when I asked him if he would come back again he said that he definitely would.

Some final thoughts…..Other food blogs that I read don’t seem to review high street pubs and seem to focus a bit too much on places that most people would not visit and that are a bit too poncy. I like fancy food and places are a bit different and quirky but a lot people are still after reviews of chain pubs. I wasn’t sure whether to review brewery pubs on my blog but I think a lot of people still want to read about these. Anyway, thats my opinion.

    • Service: The man who served us was great. He seemed to know a few of the regulars who were dining in the restaurant area as well
    • Atmosphere: Some nice open fires. Full of couples, families and groups of men drinking in the bar area. Something for everyone.
    • Food: A proper pie! Really nice chips. No complaints.
    • Cost: Decent prices. It came to about £24 for 2 large main courses and 2 pints.


 Have you been to The Spread Eagle Hotel in Lymm before? Let me know what you thought of it – or my review – in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “The Spread Eagle Hotel, Lymm, Warrington

  1. Jay Roundtree

    The Spread Eagle is our local starting point when we go for beers in Lymm. The little bar area off to the side is nice, but it can get a little busy. After that we usually head off to The Golden Fleece and the Brewery Tap that has just opened. If you are a fan of real ales then that’s definitely worth a visit. A good review though, and its a place I like regularly take my parents to for Sunday lunch at least once a month.

    Manchester Pale Ale is also what I drink 🙂

    1. Lisa

      Living in Lymm, I come along to the Spread Eagle quite often. I agree that the Manchester Pale is great. Like Jay, I am also fond of the Brewery Tap – our very own micro brewery. They have just opened a bar in Stockton Heath – Costellos. Have you tried it? I’m not keen on the décor because its a bit modern, but I guess it gets people into real ale pubs who may not ordinarily go.

  2. Mike Post author

    Hi Lisa,

    Nope, I haven’t tried Costellos yet but have been to the Brewery Tap a few times. I am one of those that doesn’t think the modern decor goes with the fact they do real ale. Would prefer it to be more like a pub.


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