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Pizza Hut’s Burger Crust Pizza

My 2 favourite foods in the world are burgers and pizza. Imagine my delight when I saw that Pizza Hut advertised a burger crusted pizza on TV. I had a massive smile on my face and turned to Emma and said “We have to go to Pizza Hut soon and try it”. She just just……{ Continue Reading }

My shortlist for 2014

As its nearly the end of the year I thought I would do a post about the places I wanted to try this year, but never got round to trying. They are places that I have read on other blogs, or ones that friends have recommended to me. Some of these I really want to……{ Continue Reading }

Almost Famous, Liverpool

Today I paid a visit to Almost Famous in Liverpool. Almost famous is somewhere that a lot of other food bloggers that I follow have been visiting lately and most of them seem to be getting excited over it. I had to see what all the fuss was about and if it really was that……{ Continue Reading }

The Spread Eagle Hotel, Lymm, Warrington

After spending the morning biking along the Trans Pennine Trail we decided to take a slight detour and head into the village of Lymm. There are quite a few nice places to eat in the village but after biking Bez and I were both in need of a nice pint and some proper pub grub…….{ Continue Reading }

The Swan, Winwick, Warrington

This was a visit to a pub that I have been to numerous times over the years and it has always been a better than average pub. Today it was the chance for me to give it a review for my blog. When we arrived there were quite a few free tables but one room……{ Continue Reading }

Mr Lau’s, Warrington

Note: I have now done a 2nd review here This is a restaurant that is fairly new to Warrington. It is located close to The Grill on the Square and one of my favourite new drinking holes, The Palmyra Bar. This little area of Warrington town centre is improving all the time and doesn’t seem……{ Continue Reading }

Carluccio’s, Chester

While spending the day in Chester I decided that I would pop into Carluccio’s for some lunch. This is a place that my parents visit whenever they come to Chester and they had only ever said good things about it. So after a morning walking around the shops I decided to head in and give……{ Continue Reading }

Review: Wasabi, Stockton Heath

Today I am reviewing a new restaurant that has opened in Stockton Heath. I had heard good things about it and decided that it was time to give it a go. My housemate came with me on this visit. I was paying the bill as I owed him for some work he had done for……{ Continue Reading }

Review: Amalia Italian Restaurant, Liverpool

I was off to Liverpool for the day to do some shopping, have a few drinks and find somewhere nice to eat. On the train to Liverpool I checked Trip Advisor and looked at the top places in the city. That’s when I realised just how many good food places Liverpool has. I was in……{ Continue Reading }

Iceland – Bubble Bobble Prawns and Doner Meat Pizza

At the moment there is a program on BBC2 called Life in the Freezer thats all about Iceland. It’s quite an interesting program and definitely worth watching if you like food and are a regular visitor to supermarkets. On the program last week they were on about pizzas. One of their best selling pizzas is……{ Continue Reading }