Review: Wasabi, Stockton Heath

wasabi-interiorToday I am reviewing a new restaurant that has opened in Stockton Heath. I had heard good things about it and decided that it was time to give it a go. My housemate came with me on this visit. I was paying the bill as I owed him for some work he had done for me recently.

We visited at lunch time so I didn’t expect it to be very busy, as it was a weekday. As soon as we entered we were greeted by a friendly waiter who showed us to our table. They have a great 3 course teppanyaki lunch time meal for £15 but we had decided that for this visit we would go for Sushi.

We decided to both get a bento box each and went for the Wasabi Deluxe Bento Box.This came with a starter of miso soup. As well as the lunch box we ordered some tempura sides. There wasn’t a long wait for the food to come out, which was great. The waiter asked us if we wanted chopsticks but neither of us are that skilled with them so we asked for both chopsticks and a knife and fork just in case. When the chopsticks arrived they were attached at one end by an elastic band and a bit of paper. This made using them so much easier!



The Wasabi Deluxe Bento Box had the following inside it:

  • California Maki – Japanese Mayo, Avacado, Crabstick, Cucumber and Flying Fish Roe

  • Harumaki – Japanese Chicken Spring Rolls

  • Chicken Gyoza – Japanese Dumpling pastry stuffed with mixed seasonal vegetables and minced chicken. It is steamed and then pan fried

  • Wasabi Special Beef – Shredded Beef in chilli and garlic sauce with mushrooms

  • Steamed Rice

  • Salad and Pickled Ginger

wasabi-bento-boxEverything in this sushi box was pretty amazing in my opinion. I think my favourite was the Wasabi Special Beef although this was a little bit spicy and it did make me sweat.


mixed-tempura-starterAfter I was about half way through the sushi box I realised that there was no reason to have ordered all that extra tempura. It was just greedy! Anyway, it pretty much all got eaten. I can’t be having nice food going to waste.

The service in Wasabi was really good and I can’t fault it. I know the place wasn’t busy but it weas still good that the waiter was polite and explained the menu to us. He also gave us some menus to take home as we were leaving. My housemate also agreed that the service was really good.

Overall it came to £50, which is expensive for lunch. This included 2 beers, a tea, 2 large bento box meals and 2 lots of tempura. The average person would probably only order 1 lunch item each and 1 drink, which would bring it down to at least half the price.

I will definitely be returning to Wasabi one evening and eating at the Teppanyaki tables sometime before Christmas.

Have you been to Wasabi before? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Date of visit: Thursday the 6th of November

5 thoughts on “Review: Wasabi, Stockton Heath

  1. Jenny

    I love the fact that Stockton Heath now has a Japanese restaurant. We really do have all types of food places in the village now. I sat on one of the big tables when I went for a birthday and we all had a fab time

  2. Nathan

    This place looks amazing, going to try it at the weekend. The tempura prawns have convinced me to treat me and my girlfriend to a meal out.

    1. Mike Post author

      Yeah, it definitely makes it easier. Normally I can’t pick anything up with them apart from massive chunks of sushi. With them like this I was able to eat all the rice 🙂

  3. Nick

    If anyone visits Wasabi I’d definitely recommend that you try the Dragon Roll for starters – I’ve never tasted anything like it in my life! Great review Mike – Food is absolutely gorgeous!


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