Review: Tamam – Rhodes new town

tamam1I thought while I was away in Greece I would review a few places over there. After all, the whole point of this blog was to review every place that I eat at.

After enjoying food at a few other places, Emma decided it would be a good idea to look on Trip Advisor as to what the number 1 ranked place in Rhodes was. This was when it came up with Tamam. This wasn’t quite in the old town, but just next door in the new town. We decided to give it a go!

tamam-queueA few days before we had passed a restaurant in a taxi that had a queue outside it, we thought that it must be people waiting for it to open. Then when the taxi dropped us off, we realized this was exactly where we saw the queue and there was already at least 10 to 12 people outside waiting for tables and the restaurant was already full. I thought “shit” I wonder if all these people are like us and are here because of TripAdvisor. That’s when I heard the 2 couples behind us talking about how they had found it on TripAdvisor the same as us! I decided to butt into their conversation and the couple before said they had visited last night and liked it that much they were back again. We discussed the menu and they showed us pictures of their food and told us how impressed they were. I didn’t want to let myself become brainwashed my other peoples views though and decided to try and stay open minded.

While we were in the queue one of the daughters came out with a drink for the people in the queue and said “this is a present from my father while you wait, I hope you like it” with a big smile. Pretty good way of keeping people sweet while they wait!

When we got inside we already knew what we wanted as there was a big menu outside. For starters I went for the baked mixed cheese and Emma went for the shrimp and avocado. tamam2tamam3My cheese wasn’t what I expected it to be as it came as one big bowl of cheese. Now I love cheese, but this was a bit too much for me. I thought it was going to be different pieces of baked cheese on a plate. It filled me up a bit too much for the main course. When I was eating the cheese one of the daughters came over said “my father recommends you have some pita with the cheese” so I got some free pita. Nice touch.

Emma said her shrimps were good and due to me being greedy I tried one and they were tasty.

For the main course Emma went for the pasta with vegetables and I went for the lamb shank. tamam4

tamam1Emma said her pasta was great, but it wouldn’t have done much for me as it had no meat. My lamb shank was cooked really well and fell off the bone, I was just so full after the cheese that I couldn’t finish it. The owner came past and was having a laugh asking me why I have left so much (which really isn’t like me) and I told him I wanted to save some room for dessert. As he cleared the plates I was expecting him to bring the dessert menu over so we could have a look. Even though I was really full I was sure we could share one. However, he didn’t bring a menu, one of the daughters came out with some ice cream with cherries on top and told us that this was her mammas delicious home made ice cream.


It was really nice ice cream but it was only while I was eating it that I realized everyone got free ice cream at the end. There was no dessert menu. This is all part of their experience and works really well! There is no faffing about of people looking through the menu and them having to have loads of desserts to make. Everyone get the same dessert (for free) and ice cream is cheap! You leave feeling happy and it gets you out even quicker so that they can get their next customer in. I can see why they do it and it must be really working really well for them.

Check them out on TripAdvisor here. They have over 1000 reviews and when Emma was walking to the bathroom she said to one of the daughters “wow this place is so busy” and the daughter was telling her how it was once they reached 1000 reviews that the place just got really busy. Another interesting fact is that when you are queuing you can see the 2nd ranked placed on TripAdvisor as its on the same street. Guess what though, there was no queue there and they were ranked 2nd!

If you are in Rhodes Old or New Town on holiday I recommend giving this place a try. The prices are just the same as everywhere else, the food was good (not the best I had in Greece) but the service and the little extras they do make you feel special.

One last thing that Emma mentioned is that she would have been blown away by it even more if we hadn’t seen the TripAdvisor reviews with everyone raving about it. I see her point!

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