My review of Pesto in a Pub in Widnes

pesto-in-a-pub-widnes2I was recently invited to review Pesto in a pub, in Widnes. I have visited a few other Pesto restaurants but I hadn’t actually tried this one despite it being about 10 minutes down the road.

When we arrived we were greeted at the front desk and shown to our table. With it being a Tuesday at half 6 it wasn’t that full so we sat near the amazing open fire which was warmly received by both of us as it was freezing outside. The decor inside the pub is really nicely lit and very cosy. On the right hand side is the restaurant and on the left hand side is the pub part. We had a quick nosy in the pub side and it had some comfy looking chairs and a fire going in there as well. If it was the weekend I can imagine myself getting some food in the restaurant then sitting by the fire in the other side with a nice beer!

pesto-fireWhile looking through the menu we had some bread and olives. The olives were amazing and these got well and truly munched within a few minutes. The breads were OK, but I probably wouldn’t order the bread again.

bread-and-olivesThe menu has changed slightly since last time I visited (I think) as last time the layout was really bad and the text was hard to read. I used to work as a UX designer so I don’t like it when menus and instructions are laid out in a horrible way. Anyway, the new menu is in a nicer format!

Here is what we decided to have to eat and we shared most of these between us. Apologies for the bad lighting but I am not a food blogger who wants their flash going off every 2 seconds while I am eating as it would annoy me if the table next to me were doing the same.

Patate Campagna

spicy-potatoesThese were spicer than we thought. We did think they were going to be a but more like potato bravas. They were nice though I would get these again.

Calamari Fritti

pesto-camariThis was nice and the garlic mayo that comes with it was amazing. All of these got eaten.


This is fiery Tuscan beef stew. Emma had this one before so this one was her choice. It wouldn’t be one that I would pick again but she loved it.

Pizzetta Pepperoni

A really good little pizza! Probably my favourite dish of the evening.


Deep fried balls of rice and cheese. These were pretty good!

Lasagna al Ragu

A really nice little lasagna. Emma mainly ate this one but I tried some and it was really good. I would order this one again.

various-meals-2 various-mealsAt the end we had some room for dessert so we decided to give it a go. I also ordered another beer. They have Peroni and Moretti on tap, so I went for the Moretti as you don’t find that on draft as much and its a great beer.

We went for the chocolate torte and the vanilla cheesecake that came with some fruit over the top of it. Both desserts were amazing and a nice size as we were both full but fancied something sweet.

cheesecake chocolate-torteOverall, the bill came to about £65 (this was all compensated for by the restaurant in exchange for this review)

  • Service: Fast, friendly, efficient.
  • Atmosphere: Really nicely lit, and I loved the open fire.
  • Food: Most the dishes I picked were good, a few of them I wouldn’t pick again but that’s just down to my own choice.
  • Cost: It isn’t cheap, but isn’t mega expensive either. It does add up when you order quite a few small dishes but they do have some lunch time and early diner options which are great value.

Website –

Would I return here again? Yes, I will definitely be going back as its a lot closer than I thought. No longer have I got to travel to Manchester or Liverpool to eat at Pesto, I just drive 10 minutes down the road to this amazing one.

Date of visit: February 2015

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