Review: Papa’s Fish and Chips, Warrington

This is a food place has been recommended to me by a few people, so it was the perfect place to try at lunch time. For this visit I was took my house mate along with me. He is the most critical person that I know, so in this post I will give you my opinion and also what he thought of it.

For a Monday lunch time it was quite busy and the restaurant was about half full. We were seated at the back near some patio doors but we moved as there was a breeze coming through them.

papas-menuI thought the menu was pretty cool and different as it’s made to look like a newspaper. There is quite a good selection and even if you don’t like fish and chips you could pick sausage and mash or the burgers that theyalso offer.

I went for the cod and chips and my house mate had the haddock and chips.

papas-fish-and-chipsI like the way that the peas come in a seperate container, as I know some people would be fussy if they had pea juice all over their chips. The peas were solid, which I like. I hate it when you get peas from the chippy and they are really watery.

I thought that the chips were alright but my housemate thought they were really poor. The fish was also nice with a decent batter than wasn’t too thick. Both of us had empty plates at the end.

When we left I asked my house mate, “Would you go again?” He said that he wouldn’t go again as the decor was crap, the food was like it had been thrown on the plate and he wasn’t that impressed. Another complaint he had was that the sauces come in little packets that you have to tear open. These were awkward to open. You also had to ask for the sauces. Each table should have bottles of sauces on the table, I know this would cost them more but most people will want some sort of sauce with their fish and chips. This saves having to ask the staff for sauce and saves the hassle of opening those fiddly litle packets. Or maybe they could bring them over in some little pots.

I have to disagree with my house mate’s overall view of Papa’s, though. While I wasn’t overally amazed it was alright. At the end of the day it’s a fish and chip restaurant and isn’t going to serve gourmet food. Was it any nicer than my local chippy though? I am not sure! If someone served me my local chippy’s fish and chips by the side of this I don’t think Papa’s would stand out. However, for the price its quite a cheap family meal out. It is also something that is new to Warrington, as we don’t have another fish and chip restaurant.

Have you been to Papa’s before? Let me know what you thought in the comments below.

8 thoughts on “Review: Papa’s Fish and Chips, Warrington


    My wife and I called into the restaurant yesterday and was quite surprised by the set up.
    It was good to sit down with a chippy meal and a pot of tea, served by pleaseant waiters in pleasant surroundings. Far better than sat on the couch at home with a tray on your knee, watching telly!!
    The food was OK and we would most certainly go again.

  2. C mounsey

    We have been many times tovpapas warrington
    Had lovely meals with previoys owners last two times we been be very dissappointed fish all batter even when asked for very little batter not enjoyable food and staff couldnt care less when complained they just said well i asked Wouldnt recommend im dissappointed

  3. Wend Unsworth

    Enjoyed a meal there yesterday which was lovely. Cooking great. However absolutely disgusted with the toilets. Ladies out of action so had to use the disabled toilet which wasn’t sparkling!! Looked like it hasn’t been cleaned for weeks and the domestic hadn’t signed that it had for 3 weeks! Not even checked since 29th May!!! Men’s toilets were awful!! Faeces not cleaned!! Guess staff use these facilities. Hygiene please!! You’re serving food!!


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