Review: The Maplewood Chinese, Widnes

This is probably my favourite Chinese restaurant that I have ever been, and I am finally glad to it reviewed on here 🙂

Normally when I come here I go for the buffet menu where you get soup, a load of mixed starters, duck and then finally the main courses. This time we just decided to pick our own bits, as the banquet is quite expensive (although in the end we probably spent nearly as much haha).

On TripAdvisor this place can get quite a bit stick. Yes, it is expensive, but every time I have been here the food and service has always been great.

For the starters Emma went for the mushroom soup. This isn’t a dish I would like, as its mainly water with some floating mushrooms in. I prefer the chicken and sweetcorn soup or the hot and sour soup.

maplewood-mushroom-soupFor my starters I had the salt and pepper ribs. As I am such a good food blogger I forgot to take a picture of them! Take your pick from this lot of images and imagine what it looked like 🙂

For the mains we went for the chicken curry and crispy chilli beef!

maplewood-chinese-chickenmaplewood-crispy-chilli-beefBoth dishes were really nice and we almost managed to finish both of them. We had a side or chips and egg fried rice with these.

I had a tiny bit of room left so we decided to share a dessert. I have never had a pineapple fritter before so gave one of these a try.

maplewood-pinapple-fritterThis was a decent dessert but I wish it had come with some ice cream. I think overall I still prefer a banana fritter though.

Overall, the bill came to about £44.

  • Service: Not in your face but efficient.
  • Atmosphere: We were in here as soon as it opened so it was not very busy. It was also a Tuesday. On a Friday and Saturday night it is very busy so I would recommend booking.
  • Food: As usual, quality Chinese food.
  • Cost: It is expensive, but you get what you pay for

Website –

Would I return here again? Yes!

Other notes – they really need to update the website. It is made in flash so did not work on my iphone and has not been updated for years. When you download the menu it downloads a file called “2012” which shows that they have not updated it for years. If I had not been to this Chinese a lot of times in the past and only had the website to go off I probably would not visit this place.

Date of visit: Tuesday the 12th of August 2014


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