Review: Fazenda, Liverpool

fazendaI have been wanting to try one of these Brazilian meat restaurants for a while and Emma decided to treat me and booked us into Fazenda. My house mate had recently been and had raved about how good it was. He is a real critic who doesn’t say positive things about a lot of places so I thought it must be pretty good.

We had spent the day in Liverpool having a few drinks, going to the top of the cathedral and visited some other places so by the time we got into Fazenda we were starving. Tip: If you are planning on going on here try not to eat a lot during the day as you will want to save a lot of room in your stomach.

We were booked in at half 6 but decided to head down a bit earlier and see if your table was ready – it was! So we got seated a bit earlier which was great. The waitress came over and explained how it all works. You get a disc on your table which you put on the green side if you want meat, or the red side if you don’t want any. As well as all the meat there is a big buffet which I forgot to take a picture of, but no one comes here for the buffet, they come here for the meat!

We decided to order a bottle of wine between us and after having a few drinks earlier in the day I was soon quite drunk….. but here as some pictures (not the best, sorry) of what we had to eat. I don’t think the pictures do it justice as I never really had a full plate and was so involved with eating that I forgot to take more pictures.

In total the bill came to £103. I think this is the most we have ever spent at a restaurant!!! This was for the 2 main meals, 1 bottle of wine, 1 large glass of wine and the dessert. What’s even better is that Emma was paying!! 🙂

I did actually make a small trip to the buffet as they had some sushi. However, it wasn’t that great. Here is the sushi with some of the rump steak.

rumpsteakHere are some more random pictures of the food as I can’t quite remember which steak was which.

fazenda-2fazenda-3What I do remember at the end is that I was reading the menu and realised there was 20 different types of meats and I had 19 of them. The only one I didn’t try was the gammon. fazena-dessertEven though I was stuffed I thought I could eat a dessert, so we decided to share one. It was amazing! It was some kind of chocolate cake which didn’t last long on the plate. Maybe it’s because I was so drunk.


  • Service: Really good service.
  • Atmosphere: Nice interior, good lighting. Maybe some of the tables are a bit to close together though.
  • Food: All the meats I tried were good. The normal rump wasn’t that great but all the others were amazing.
  • Cost: Expensive, but if we didn’t get that bottle of wine and my extra glass of wine it would have saved quite a bit. You are looking at £70 for 2 people though if you both have a drink or 2. For a one off experience I would still go.

Have you been to Fazenda? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Simon

    Hey Mike enjoying reading your blog and the places you’ve been to. I must admit Fazanada is my favorite place at the moment. The whole experience and the different foods you get – its just a meat eating fantasy.


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