Review: Caffe Curuso, Warrington

calzone-cafe-curusoMy housemate and I were starving and decided that we should go out for lunch and get something tasty! Our usual choice would be Nandos, but I really wasn’t in a Nandos mood. We decided to head into town to find somewhere. I then remembered Caffe Curuso which is a small Italian in town that I once went to about 8 years ago and one that my parents have been to a few times.

We visited just after the lunch time rush so it wasn’t that busy inside. We were both starving so we asked for a garlic bread and some olives to share while we waited for our pizzas.

garlic-bread-cafe-currusoThe garlic bread was decent, but I would have preferred a few more olives as these lasted about 2 minutes before they all got eaten.

For our mains, Steve went for one of the calzone pizzas and I went for that ham, olives and peppers on.

calzone-cafe-curusopizza-cafe-curusoBoth pizzas arrived quite fast and they were great value for what we paid.

The bill was brought along with our pizzas, which is great as it means there is no messing around having to ask for the bill.

This was only a short visit to Caffe Curuso but I was really impressed with the price of the food and the service.

Overall, the bill came to about £27.

  • Service: Fast, friendly, efficent.
  • Atmosphere: It was a bit empty as we came at a random time.
  • Food: Very good.
  • Cost: Great value for money

Website –

Would I return here again? Yes!

Date of visit: August 2014

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