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I recently had an interesting experience in one of my local pubs.  I had been drinking a few and bought some pork scratchings and because they were so good, I tweeted about them from the pub.  The company behind that particular brand saw my tweet and asked if they could send me some of their range to review.  Subsequently, another company who produce pork scratchings saw the tweets and also offered to send me samples to review from their range.  The following article is a review of the first brand – OpenShaws.

From Openshaws I received a box with six different varieties of pork scratchings – Black Pudding, Cumberland Sausage, BBQ Pulled Pork, Bacon Breakfast, Traditional Pork Scratchings, Pork Crunch and Pork Scratchings.  It was fun to open the mail that day and see those meaty flavoured snacks waiting for me to test.  So how did each flavour fare?

Black Pudding

The Black Pudding flavour was one of the best pork scratching flavours I have ever tried and if I’m honest, one of the best pub-style snacks I have tasted in a long while.  They tasted exactly as you’d hope and imagine and I would definitely buy them all the time if they were available

Cumberland Sausage

I had high hopes for this one being amazing, but in all honesty it was probably my least favourite flavour.  They tasted okay, but were just not salty enough and didn’t really have the right texture or flavour to be referred to as pork scratchings.

BBQ Pulled Pork

This was another flavour that I really hoped tasted as good as it sounded, because one of my favourite ways to eat pork is as pulled pork.  These pork scratchings did not disappoint me at all as the BBQ flavouring was not too strong or too weak, but just the right balance.

Bacon Breakfast

Who doesn’t like bacon?  Well, apart from vegetarians and vegans of course, but you get my point.  The idea of Bacon Breakfast flavoured pork scratchings sounded interesting and once I had popped a couple in my mouth and experienced that blissful crunch, the flavour came through nicely and it was not too overpowering.

Traditional Pork Scratchings

The Traditional flavoured pork scratchings taste more like the ones you get at most pubs up and down the country.  They had a nice salty flavoured and decent crunch to them.  While not the most adventurous flavour of the ones Openshaws, they weren’t the worst by a long shot.

Pork Crunch

These, I think, were supposed to be a more crunchier version than the original traditional variety of pork scratchings.  Although they were very tasty, they didn’t  hold up well when compared the the others.  I would probably buy them if they were the only pork scratchings or snack available in the pub I was visiting.

Plain Pork Scratchings

Another plain flavour that were similar to the Traditional packet.  In fact, they were so similar I can’t really tell them apart.  Much like the Traditional variety they have a nice crunch and that lovely salty flavour you expect.  Nothing much to write home about, but I wouldn’t say no to a packet while drinking in the pub.

Overall I was very impressed with Openshaws pork scratchings range and apart from the Cumberland sausage flavour, I can honestly say that I would happily munch on the other flavours I and when they were available.

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