Mike and Emma make Sushi!

final-sushiEarlier in the year we both went on a sushi making course at Yo Sushi which I bought Emma as a present for Christmas. It was pretty good as you got to make a lot of sushi and learn about all the different types. Since then we have been eating a lot of sushi but never got around to giving it another go.

Today though, we decided to finally give it a go. Emma already had the rice in and some other bits but we headed down to Tesco in St Helens to pick up some fish and some other bits that we needed. The guy on the fresh fish counter was actually Japanese and when we told him we were making sushi he seemed really pleased. He then took us down the isle where all the Asian stuff is and showed us some other stuff that we might need and he was also giving us some tips on how to make it. He was great and asked us to show him the pictures of what we made next time we went in. He was really helpful!

We picked up some Salmon, fish roe, japanese spices, seaweed sheets and some tempura prawns to make our own version of the dragons rolls that we have at Wasabi.

Friday nights sushi

This was the first attempt at it. I have to be honest, it wasn’t great. The rice was to watery and even though it was sticky it just would not roll very well.

We cut up some avacado, cucumber and tuna and started rolling!


emma-rollingrolled-sushiWe then made dragon rolls which has a battered tempura prawn in the middle and some cucumber. These looked about 10% as good as the Wasabi ones, but they did taste pretty good!

dragon-rollsSaturday nights sushi

We felt a bit more confident about making it this time round. We were hoping that we wouldn’t cock up the rice this time, but we still did. How hard can it be to cook rice? We followed the instructions bang on, but still managed to burn it a bit. Was the rice sticky this time? Yes, but so sticky that you could not get it off your hands. It ended up all over the carpet, and Emma even managed to flick a bit onto her blinds. It was everywhere. That being said, we still decided to use it as it would definitely roll better this time.

spicy-mayoWe mixed normal mayo with the spicy Japanese sprinklings, wasabi and a tiny bit of terriaki sauce. This was quite nice and we added it inside a few of the rolls to give them a nice kick!

Saturday nights sushi did go a lot better than Fridays.

saturday-nights-rollingsaturday-nights-rolling-2Here is a picture of another one we made with fish eggs, sashimi and Japanese spices over it.

saturday-nights-rolling-3Here is the final result!



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