Iceland – Bubble Bobble Prawns and Doner Meat Pizza

At the moment there is a program on BBC2 called Life in the Freezer thats all about Iceland. It’s quite an interesting program and definitely worth watching if you like food and are a regular visitor to supermarkets.

On the program last week they were on about pizzas. One of their best selling pizzas is the donner meat pizza. If you mention “doner meat pizza” to most people they pull their face as if its the worst thing in the world. I will admit that I love doner meat. After a night out I quite often get a doner meat pizza and, yes, I would eat one sober too 🙂

bubble-bobble-chicken-and-donner-meat-pizzaAnyway, today while I was in town I popped into Iceland and bought the 2 talked about products that have been mentioned in the program; Bubble Bobble Prawns and the Doner Meat Pizza.

When i got home I put both of them in the freezer and asked my “critic house mate” if he wanted some. He had watched the program and was up for trying both of them.

cooked-iceland-foodAbove are the cooked pizza and the prawns.

Now for the verdict……. the Bubble Bobble Prawns are pretty amazing! They got munched really quickly and I think I would eat them until I was sick.Even my critic house mate really liked them. I bought 2 packets and the other one won’t be in the freezer for long. I reckon if you told people that these were from Marks and Spencers and not Iceland they would believe you. It’s true that people some look at Iceland with a degree of snobbery and think that it’s beneath them. Maybe Kerry Katona didn’t help with that…………haha!

The pizza was just an average pizza. Nothing that special. It had a taste of doner meat and for a quid I suppose its ok. The bits of doner meat are tiny though. It needs bigger chunks.

Have you tried Bubble Bobble Prawns or the Doner Meat Pizza? Let me know what you thought of them in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Iceland – Bubble Bobble Prawns and Doner Meat Pizza

  1. Sarah Wilson

    Hi Mike, I too was rather taken by the program & the BB ‘prawns’. (The PR guy Keith rocks). I don’t know if you saw a program recently whereby a team of investigators checked the ingredients listings for the same product from a range of supermarkets/prices to qualify how honest they needed to be in their description/percentages.. I was intrigued to know how iceland could produce an authentic prawn product @ only 10p a unit? No surprise it’s not remotely authentic. After some investigation of my own I now know just how little actual real prawn needs to be in a product so they can legally refer to it as such, & more alarmingly, what an ingredient listing of ‘crustaceans’ actually means. Not for the faint stomached!

  2. Mike Post author

    Hi Sarah,

    Nope, I didn’t see that program you are on about. What was it called? Sounds like it would be a good watch!



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