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My housemates mixed grill

So, my housemate made a mixed grill and sent me a picture of it……. Can you work out what is in this meal? I can see some pale looking beans and half a tin of onions……. not for me! Posted on October 15, 2014 0 Comments

Mike and Emma make Sushi!

Earlier in the year we both went on a sushi making course at Yo Sushi which I bought Emma as a present for Christmas. It was pretty good as you got to make a lot of sushi and learn about all the different types. Since then we have been eating a lot of sushi but……{ Continue Reading }

What my housemate ate today

You might remember that I did this post last year about a meal that my housemate had to eat. I was hoping it would become more of a feature, but she has let me down lately. I managed to get a picture of this gem of a meal the other day though. She came in……{ Continue Reading }

Iceland – Bubble Bobble Prawns and Doner Meat Pizza

At the moment there is a program on BBC2 called Life in the Freezer thats all about Iceland. It’s quite an interesting program and definitely worth watching if you like food and are a regular visitor to supermarkets. On the program last week they were on about pizzas. One of their best selling pizzas is……{ Continue Reading }

What my house mate had to eat

This is just a short post to show a meal that my house mate had tonight. On here we have chips, cheese and beans. Around the side are cheese and bean bites and jalepeno bites I think……. Posted on July 25, 2013 0 Comments Rating: