Can’t decide what to cook? Roll some dice!

Emma and myself decided to have a night in cooking, but we were unsure what to cook. Emma came up with an idea that she had seen on the internet somewhere. Here is what we did.

the-dice-cooking-gameDown the left we had a selection of meats and on the right we have all the different cuisines. It was suggested that vegetables should be an option on the left, but I told Emma that making a vegetable dish would be rubbish, so we changed that to “mixed meat”.

Here is what we did. We decided who would make the starter and main courses with the flip of a coin. I would be making the main and Emma would be making the starter.

Then as we didn’t have any dice we used the following site and selected 2 dice from the drop down – I got beef and Spanish and Emma got duck and Chinese.

At first I was a bit stuck about what I could make that was a Spanish beef dish. All the dishes coming up on Google were about Spanish beef stews. I then came across this one (link here) which was Spanish steak. Really, the only thing Spanish about it is the fact its got some paprika on, but we both like steak so I decided to try this. To make the dish even more authentic I decided to make patatas bravas to go along side it. There seems to be a billion different recipes about how to make this, but I wanted something easy and one that required the fewest ingredients. I am always put off making stuff where I need to buy 100 spices and 100 different other things. Here is the one I used.

Let me show you the starter that Emma made. This is a dish she had made before so she sort of new the recipe off by heart so I don’t have it to share with you.

Here is Emma’s 5 spice duck with vegetable batons.

five-spice-duckfive-spice-duck-2This was really tasty and I would have been happy to have eaten this in a restaurant. I think the rectangular shaped dishes add to the presentation. If I had made this I probably would just slapped it on the plate and it wouldn’t have looked as nice.

After we had munched down the starter it was my turn to get into the kitchen and make my main courses. Even though I have a food blog, I don’t do that much cooking but it’s something that I have started to do a lot more lately.

To create the patatas bravas I cut the potatoes up into 1 inch cubes, slapped some oil on them and but them in a baking tray. After ten minutes you take them out and add the tomatoes with the other bits on from the recipe.

Tomatoes just being added

Tomatoes just being added

Fully cooked and the tomatoes are now thick!

Fully cooked and the tomatoes are now thick!

While the potatoes were cooking I started to prep the steaks. There isn’t that much that’s ‘Spanish” about them apart from the fact there’s some paprika on it!

steaks-being-preppedI lightly coated them in oil, paprika, salt and pepper.

Here is the final result!





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