Crisps with a burger?

This is just a short post about something I had to eat at a Wetherspoons in Liverpool airport.

I was starving and wanted something decent to eat before I boarded my flight. As soon as I saw the Wetherspoons I went in there, saw the burger on the menu and ordered it. I clearly didn’t read the menu properly but when it came out the burger came with crisps, not chips and cost about £8- £9! Who the hell wants some crappy crisps with a burger? One of the whole reasons I ordered a burger was because I fancied some chips. This does sound a first world problem rant, and it is.


I tweeted the Wetherspoons account and asked them why they serve crisps with their burgers but their account is one of those awful faceless corporate accounts that just spews out random shit that no one cares about. Put a face behind your account and interact with your customers!

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