Cholmondeley Arms – Food, a gin class and a nights stay

chom-arms-barThis was a pub that we found in a recent article on article which talked about the top 25 pubs to visit on a bank holiday. With this pub being the closest one to us we had a look at the website and decided it that we should give it a go. They also do gin tasting classes, and with Emma being a gin fan we decided to give this a go as well.

I will cover the food and drink first, as thats what most people will want to read and then cover the rooms and breakfast after that.

outside-of-the-pubWhen we arrived we were a bit early, so we had a quick drink in the pub first. After we checked in we headed back in to the pub to do the gin tasting class. Luckily, the other group that were booked on had cancelled which meant it would just be Emma and myself!

I didn’t take any pictures of the gin tasting as I just wanted to enjoy it and didn’t want to sit there taking pictures every 2 seconds. What I will show you though is a picture of the bar that I took in the morning when we had breakfast. This shows you all the gins that they currently have (about 190) but soon they will have over 200 different gins.

chom-arms-ginThe gin class cost £15 each, and I think it was worth it. You get to try lots of different gins and we both came out feeling like experts haha. At the end you also get to pick a gin of your choice which would cost about £5 on its own.

After the gin class I did feel slightly drunk as we had tried about 8 gins between us, and we had our choice of gin at the end. We were both hungry so we decided to order food!

I went for a gin that had chilli in.


I quite liked the menu, it was full of the usual pub classics and also had some unusual dishes. One dish that caught my attention was the lamb sweetbreads. I had no idea what this was, but Emma thought it was lambs balls….. we later found out that sweetbreads are the glands. However, I still wanted to try these as it was something I had never seen on a menu before.

sweetbreadsEmma went for the rib eye steak. This was an absolute monster meal, with loads of chips and onion rings. She said that it looked like i had ordered the girly dish and she had the mans dish. I helped her finish up some of her steak and the onion rings. They were pretty decent, but I was happy to have stuck with my sweetbreads.

emmas-steakAfter the mains we decided we were quite full and we we both feeling quite drunk! We sat back infront of the fire where we had sat earlier and ordered some more drinks. After that, we decided that we did have a bit of room for a dessert!

sticky-toffee-puddingI went for the cheese board and Emma went for the sticky toffee pudding. The cheese board was a bit of a let down, I didn’t like some of the crackers, there was no butter and maybe the cheeses were not to my liking. I still ate it all though!

cheeseboardEmma’s sticky toffee pudding was decent and I would order that again.

Here are a few more pictures of the inside of the pub that we took the next morning after breakfast when there was nobody in. It really was a lovely pub inside.


The rooms

headmasters-houseThe pub used to be a school, with the main part of the pub being the where the classrooms were and the old headmasters house on the other side of the car park being where the bedrooms were that we were staying.

chom-arms-bedroomchom-arms-bedroom-2chom-arms-bedroom-3chom-arms-bathroomOverall the nights stay there with the gin class, quite a lot of drinks and a 2 course meal each came to just under £200. The room was £90, the gin class was £30 for the 2 of us, and then the rest was on food and drinks for the evening.


Overall I would stay here again as we had a great day here and the next day we went on to Cholmondeley Castle and had a walk around the gardens which is worth a visit.



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