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Sponsored: Best cafes in United Kingdom for Studies

Every student approaching the final exams or trying to meet the deadlines probably knows the feeling when you just cannot find some peace and quiet as you try to study! The libraries are busy, your schoolmates keep playing some odd music, and it seems like everyone is against you! Your level of anxiety and stress……{ Continue Reading }

Review: Caffe Curuso, Warrington

My housemate and I were starving and decided that we should go out for lunch and get something tasty! Our usual choice would be Nandos, but I really wasn’t in a Nandos mood. We decided to head into town to find somewhere. I then remembered Caffe Curuso which is a small Italian in town that……{ Continue Reading }

Review: Hatters Coffee Shop, Warrington

With most places that I visit I look at Trip Advisor to see if what I think is the same as what everyone else is saying. Hatters Coffee Shop only has 3 ratings, but they are all good reviews. I, however, will not be giving it a good review! Posted on October 5, 2013 1……{ Continue Reading }