Black Country Pork Scratchings Review


As stated in the Open Shaws Pork Scratchings Review article, I was pleased to be given the chance to review both the Open Shaws line of pork scratchings and the ones I will be reviewing in this article – Black Country Pork Scratchings.  The interesting thing is, and I am sure it will be easy to see from the review, is that with the flavours that both companies produce it is hard to pick an out and out favourite.

The Black Country Pork Scratching flavours I received were the Original, BBQ Pulled Pork and Dragon’s Fury Chilli.  How did these fare?

Original Flavour

The original flavoured pork scratchings from Black Country were really rather great.  They had that satisfying and almost soothing crunch to them and a very strong flavour of meatiness and saltiness.

BBQ Pulled Pork Flavour

When compared to the Open Shaws BBQ Pulled Pork, I have to say that I can’t actually decide which I love more.  Both were extremely good and would be the first that I would look for when I am hungry for a snack at the pub.  They really did taste like good quality pulled pork.

Dragon’s Fury Chilli Flavour

These were the most interesting of the Black Country flavours I tried because they were so different.  The chilli wasn’t too overpowering but gave enough kick and additional flavour to the already tasty scratchings to make them special.  My mate loved these in particular so I gave him a few packets of them to take home with him.  He was delighted and said he would buy them if they were available in the pub more often.

Overall, although Black Country Pork Scratchings have fewer flavours available than Open Shaws; those that they do have are very tasty indeed.

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