Wasabi, Stockton Heath (again)

I must have been to Wasabi about 8 times now, and each time it has been consistently good. I decided it was time to do another blog post about it, as last time I only really covered the bento box that I had at lunch.

Since then every time we have been we have sat up at the Sushi bar which is great. You get to see the chef prepare all the food you are about to eat and the chef is chatty and friendly. A few times he has made us stuff that isn’t on the menu or given us samples of stuff to try that we haven’t had before.

My favourite dish that is just amazing, is the Dragon Roll. But this are not your standard dragon roll. This one contains a tempura prawn in the middle, eel, avacado, rice and then its coverered in teryaki sauce and sprinkled with tempura batter bits. It honestly is one of the nicest foods I have had, and the dragon roll is the reason I keep going back. Both Emma and my nephew Nick love them as well. Whenever I have a dragon roll I always tweet Nick a picture of it just to make him jealous.

wasabi-dragon-rollSo…. what other sushi have we had. Its quite difficult to remember but here are some pictures of other ones we have tried.

Spicy tuna roll?

spicy-tuna-rollThis is spicy, but just enough spice so that its enjoyable without being too hot. This is probably my second favourite sushi dish that I have had here.


This is tempura battered ice cream. I had never seen this on the menu until my last visit. As soon as I saw it I had to try it, as it’s just something different. When the waiter brought it over he said it was his favourite dish. You do get a right lump of ice cream, and I would recommend sharing this between 2 people. It was quite nice.

sushi-boatThis isn’t one that I have tried but the chef was making it and I decided to take a picture of it to share on here.  This is the sushi boat and has a mixture of all sorts on it.

There are loads more that I have tried but I don’t have the pictures on my phone. I will update this blog post next time with more pictures.

The sushi and sashimi here is not cheap. On our last visit it cost £57, this was for 2 dragons rolls, 3 other sushi dishes, 1 tempura ice cream, 1 beer and 2 cokes. There are far cheaper options but as we like to pick exactly what sushi dishes we want and also can’t stop eating dragon rolls it does come to quite a bit. Upon leaving the waiter gave me a flyer that advertises all you can eat sushi for £15 on a Monday night (not including dragon rolls though) but there is still a good choice and I will have to try this next time.


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