The Travellers Rest, Frodsham

ribeye-steakWhile out on a bit of a road trip we passed a lovely looking pub called The Travellers Rest. We had planned to eat at another pub a bit further away but as we were both starving and with this pub looking very tempting we decided to give it a go!

It was about 1pm and when we headed inside the pub was pretty empty. We were greeted by a polite man who asked us if we had booked a table. He told us they would have one free in about 10 minutes (the place was pretty much empty by the looks of it). We were then taken to our table and could see that all the ones around us were reserved. About 10 minutes later they were all taken and the place was packed!

Before it got packed

Before it got packed

Another very polite member of staff brought us some menus and talked us through what specials they had and what Sunday roasts were available.

As we both didn’t want to drink alcohol we went for a cup of tea each.

teaI did have my mind set on a Sunday roast as I have decided that 2014 will be the year that I have more Sunday roasts. I remember when I was younger I would go out with my parents for a Sunday roast quite a bit, or they would cook one at home. Over the past few years this has happened less and less. Anyway, lets get back on track! After looking through the menu I decided to go for the rib eye steak as it came with blue cheese and homemade chips! Emma could not make her mind up and in the end went for the chilli with potato skins.

ribeye-steakThe steak was amazing and I can honestly say it is one of the best steaks I have ever had. It was cooked perfectly and the knife went through it really easily. It had a nice chargrilled taste to it and the blue cheese on top went with it really well.


chips-n-vegEmma’s chilli was also really good. As usual I pinched a bit to try (I have to, I am a food blogger!) and I could have happily eaten her meal. She wasn’t quite brave enough to eat the massive chilli on the top of it.

chilli-n-skinsAfter the main course we were brought the desert menu. I really fancied crumble, maybe because it was a cold day and the last crumble that I had at Australasia was such a let down. However, there was no crumble on the menu so I went for the next best homely dessert which was bread and butter pudding. This was a dessert my mum used to make quite a bit and is quite a favourite of mine.

bread-and-butter-puddingThe bread and butter pudding was pretty amazing and just the right size! I would order this again. If I wasn’t on the health kick that I am on at the moment I would have gone the whole hog and got a starter as well as I could have eaten any of those.

Overall we left The Travellers Rest feeling pleased with the decision to go in there. The staff were some of the best I have experienced recently, we didn’t have to wait long for any of the food, nothing was too much trouble and they all had smiles on their faces (not the fake smiles that you get at some places either). We will definitely be returning! Also, before writing this I decided not to check out the reviews on Tripadvisor but having just checked them out (click here) it seems that most people have the same opinion as me out of the 147 reviews, 105 of them are 5 star.

The total cost of the meal was £38 for 2 tea’s, 1 diet coke, 2 mains and 1 dessert.

  • Service: Great service. If only everywhere had service like this.
  • Atmosphere: Cosy pub. Modern but still with that old pub charm.
  • Food: Really good. Will be coming back to try more
  • Cost: My steak was £17, so this isn’t a cheap pub. I would happily pay this much for quality good food.


Date of visit: Sunday the 9th of February

Have you been to The Travellers Rest before? What did you think of it? Leave your comments below.

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