The Swan, Winwick, Warrington

the-swanThis was a visit to a pub that I have been to numerous times over the years and it has always been a better than average pub. Today it was the chance for me to give it a review for my blog.

When we arrived there were quite a few free tables but one room at the back was totally blocked off as it must have been reserved for something. We sat in the bar area but there were no menus on the table. I went up and ordered some drinks and asked for some menus, which the barman got for me.

A few years ago when it was under a different brewery (I think) they used to do mini burger platters which included 3 different burgers. There was also the fish platter and pie platter. It’s a shame that these have gone as they were amazing. It was just something a bit different, and everyone whom I showed a picture of these to thought they looked great.

When the food was ordered we were told there would be a 40 minute wait. Although the pub had quite a few people in it, I wouldn’t say it was overly busy for a Saturday afternoon. The decision was made to wait, as by the time we got to another pub and ordered then it would have taken about the same time. Half an hour later the food came out, so it was a slightly shorter wait than predicted.

To start we shared a garlic bread between us. Just an average garlic bread, it didn’t seem that hot though.

the-swan-garlic-breadThis is the Wild Boar burger that I went for:


It was an alright burger, I like the black pudding that it came with. It doesn’t beat the burger at The Grill on the Square though, which is probably the best burger I have had this year.

I wanted to get everyone else’s opinions on the food and not just mine.

Tony also ordered the burger and his thoughts were that it was quite poor and he wouldn’t be in any rush to come back. He used to like going a few years back when they did the burger platte,. which is when we used to go quite a bit.

the-swan-seabassSteve said that the Seabass was a very small portion.This was backed up by a recent comment on Tripadvisor where someone commented that it was the size of a small goldfish. It  didn’t come with a lot of vegetables at all. The sweet potato that came with it was cut up into small pieces like carrots and swedes would be. He was disappointed and was eyeing up some of my chips, hoping that I would leave some at the end. He had no such luck.

I left The Swan feeling a bit disappointed that it wasn’t quite as good as it used to be. I remember having our works Christmas lunch there a few years ago and it being amazing, with everyone enjoying their meal. The friends that came with me have told me that I am too positive on my blog when reviewing places and said that this one must be negative. I don’t like to slate places so have tried to be as fair and look for as many positives in each review. I do like the character of the pub and it does feel quite nice inside with the fires and wooden beam style interior. I can’t say I would be rushing back to have food again, but it hasn’t totally put me off the place.

  • Service: Average. As it was bar service I can’t really comment on this.
  • Atmosphere: Quite a nice pub inside. I liked the atmosphere.
  • Food: Not as good as it used to be. Small Seabass portion
  • Cost: About average for a pub

Have you been to The Swan before? Let me know what you thought of it – or my review – in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “The Swan, Winwick, Warrington

  1. Steve Stretton

    Goldfish and one third of a potato for £12. 40 minute wait, average food and a whole room closed off for no reason, other than it would seem to make us sit in a more uncomfortable seat.

    If someone in the local area is reading this – have a look at the other articles on this site and go grab yourself some good grub – avoid the swan as it’s 100% worse than it was a few years ago!


  2. Dennis

    I use to love going the Swan, but it has went down hill in the past year. Its still good, but now just like any other pub.


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