The Swan restaurant, Southport

the-swan-frontThe sun was shining for once, so we headed on a day out to Southport. We were both starving and after walking around the shops we needed something to eat. We opened up the Tripadvisor app to see what was around. There was a lot of fancy Bistro style places in the top 5, but we were not near any of them. Then Emma mentioned a place that does fish and chips where you can sit in that she had been visiting since was a child. I could tell she wanted to eat there, so off we went!

Now, not being from Southport and having rarely visited I would have had no idea this place existed, as it is located down a sidestreet somewhere.

When we walked in we were shown to our table straight away and handed a menu.

the-swan-menuWith me always getting fish and chips I decided to try the steak pie and chips, which came with mushy peas, gravy and either a soft drink, tea or coffee. This was perfect Sunday afternoon comfort food.

steak-pie-and-chips This was a pretty good meal and with me being on a health kick lately this did not last long on the plate as I had not eaten anything this tasty in a while. I made some chips, peas and pie butties with the bread as well.


I think fish and chips is the perfect meal to have in Southport as its right by the beach and it just feels right. The only thing that could beat eating it inside here, would be having the sun shining and eating them in a cone by the beach.

After doing a quick Google of The Swan I found that it is ranked 9th on Tripadvisor in Southport. Pretty good for what is a chippy thats not located on one of the main streets.

I did a quick Google and couldn’t find any other food blogger that had reviewed here. The problem with most food bloggers is they don’t review the everyday food places that people go to. They only put the fancy places on their blog to show off. I have got a bit sick of some food bloggers lately and had to unfollow them on twitter. There is too much kissing arse between themselves and restaurants. One quoted something like “You get sick of how many free meals you get offered by restaurants”. He instantly got unfollowed! Anyway, rant over. Food bloggers, please review some real places that the average folk eat at every day.

The total cost came to about £15, this was for the 2 meals which both included drinks.

  • Service: Very friendly, food was delivered to us quickly. They came round to check that everything was ok. No complaints here.
  • Atmosphere: Nothing fancy inside, but its fish and chips! We visited inbetween lunch and tea time so it wasn’t that busy.
  • Food: Really good! I would come back.
  • Cost: Cheap when compared to where we were originally going to eat.


Date of visit: Sunday the 16th of February

Have you been to The Swan in Southport before? Let me know what you thought in the comments below

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