My shortlist for 2014

As its nearly the end of the year I thought I would do a post about the places I wanted to try this year, but never got round to trying. They are places that I have read on other blogs, or ones that friends have recommended to me. Some of these I really want to try, and others I just want to see what all the hype is about.

1. Casa Italia – Liverpool (

This has been recommended to be by at least 2 friends. One who eats there everytime he goes to Liverpool and another who tells me they do the best lasagne he has ever had. I have passed it many time, but have always arranged to eat somewhere else or not been hungry at the time.

2. Delgados – Warrington (

Delgados is located about 5 minutes away from where I live but I haven’t visited since I was in school. It’s only small but is a nice cosy Italian and the Tripadvisor reviews are all really good. I tried to visit a few months back but they were closed for a few weeks due to a fire. Definitely an Italian to try though if you are in Warrington.

3. Solita – Manchester (

I’ve seen this featured on quite a lot of other food blogs that I have been reading. Burgers are my favourite food and it looks like these guys do some of the best in the North West. Being a web designer I also love their website! It makes me want to be sat in there.

4. San Carlo bottega – Manchester (

I have seen this slated on one food bloggers site (see here) but also heard some good things about it. It all seems a bit “la de da” but I am going to give it a go as I have had it personally recommended to me by a few people who work in Manchester. Not sure if they just like to say they go there because some celebrities do though!

5. Lucha Libre – Manchester (

This has been getting some good coverage on food blogs and I don’t think I have been to a mexican restaurant for as long as I can remember. Definitely going to have to stuff my face with taco’s here and make a right mess!

6. Yuzu – Manchester (

I am a big fan of Japanese food and this place has good reviews and i’ve heard people talking about it. It will take some beating to beat my new local Japanese restaurant that I blogged about earlier this year.

7. Porta Tapas – Chester (

Tapas is one of my favourite types of foods as you get to try so many little bits of everything. My favourite tapas bar is Pan Y Vino in Stockton Heath but I hear Porta Tapas is great as well. Next time I am in Chester I must pay it a visit.

8. The Church Green – Lymm (

I usually visit here about once a year. I have always found it to be really good, and the mixed grill is my favourite dish. Good service, decent food and the prices are not too bad either. Definitely worth trying if you are after somewhere to eat in Lymm.

9. Manchester House – Manchester (obviously) (

This looks like a right fancy pants place! I have always wanted to try a taster menu and this does 10 courses for £100, so maybe when its someones birthday or a special occasion I can head down to here!

10. The Fat Duck – Berkshire (

Yes, I know it costs £200 each! Yes, thats bloody expensive, and yes you could go on holiday for that, BUT I love food and it looks amazing. Maybe if I sell one of my websites in 2014 I could afford it and treat myself to a meal here. I hear you have to be quick to get one of the bookings though!

So there it is, my shortlist of some of the places that I am going to try and visit in 2014. If you have anywhere else that you think I should try then please let me know in the comments below. I am located in the North West so just places around there please!

2 thoughts on “My shortlist for 2014

  1. Kelly-Anne

    Lucha libre is a great- I’ve only been to the Liverpool one. If you’re ever down London way you need to go to Wahaca, it’s my favourite Mexican restaurant ever. Up north- Savinas in Liverpool is a lovely Mexican. The enchiladas are immense 🙂 plus the desserts are excellent too! Puska, also in Liverpool, is pretty great too ( not Mexican!)!

    1. Mike Post author

      Hi Kelly-Anne, thanks for your comment. I still haven’t tried most places on this list haha. I will look out for Savinas!


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