Roast Ox – near Hay-on-Wye

When staying at The Majestic Bus (link here) we needed somewhere to go for a nice Sunday lunch! We looked in the information booklet provided in the bus The Roast Ox was recommended, as it was the owner’s local pub.

Roast_Ox_SmallerWe arrived bang on 12 and it had only just opened. The pub was only small and it looked like there were reserve signs on most of the tables. I asked the barmaid if they had any spare tables, and luckily there was one table of 2 free. We quickly grabbed it. About 2 minutes later another couple came in and were told there was no tables until half 1. If we had to wait until half 1 I think I would have passed out as I was starving!

roast-ox-insideWe looked at the menu, which was only small but nice. Yesterday we had spent a while looking for a nice pub in Hay-on-Wye that served normal pub food (burgers, pies, sausage and mash etc) but felt let down and the pub we eat in yesterday was pretty bad, I couldn’t even be bothered reviewing it.

Anyway, on with this pub, which straight away had a really nice atmosphere and had some real character about it. It had wooden beams in the roof, a stone floor and just seemed like a really friendly local pub. As soon as we walked in the we were given a warm welcome!

For starters Emma went for the tomato soup, and I went for the pate!

tomato-soup-roast-ox Emma said the soup was really nice, a bit garlicy and definitely home made. Sometimes when she gets soup she can tell its straight out of a tin, but not with this one. It must have

been really good as she didn’t even give me a taste and finished it all.

pate-roast-oxI would like to congratulate this pub, it is the first place where I have ordered pate that actually gave me a good toast to pate ratio (see here for somewhere that didn’t). This meant I could cover each piece of toast in pate and chutney and actually have used up all of the chutney. It was decent as well.

For the mains I went for the beef Sunday lunch and Emma went for sausage, mash and onion gravy.

sausage-and-mash-roast-oxEmma liked her main. The sausages were locally sourced and I had a taste. They were pretty good.

roast-beef-roast-oxMy Sunday roast was good, but if I am honest I wish I had gone for the Sausage and mash. The main reason I ordered the roast was for the Yorkshire pudding. The beef was good, maybe slightly tough as I was making our table wobble when trying to cut it. I eat it all though. The veg was all very nice with the cauliflower cheese being my favourite, as I haven’t had this for ages.

Even though we were both stuffed we had enough room to try and squeeze down the desert! Emma went for the bread and butter pudding and I went for the cheesecake.


We swapped the deserts over so that we had half of each. The bread and butter pudding was our favourite. It was slightly crispy on top, the custard was really nice as well and it was a perfect Sunday dinner dessert.

Cheesecake is my favourite desert and this one was really nice. However, I am a big fan of a thick biscuit base and would have liked the base to be a bit thicker. Also, not sure if chocolate sauce over the lemon would be everyone’s choice, but I enjoyed it.

The service here was really good, I cannot fault it. We were greeted with a warm welcome when we came in and the landlord was very friendly with everyone here. Upon leaving we asked where the nearest shop was as we were after some bottled water, he said there wasn’t any but grabbed us 4 bottles from the back, which he sold to us for a few quid.

Overall, the bill came to about £44. This is a brilliant price when you consider it was all proper home cooked food and we both had 3 courses and I had 2 beers with Emma having 2 bottles of water.

  • Service: Very friendly, can’t fault it.
  • Atmosphere: Cosy country pub. My kind of place.
  • Food: Nice home cooked food.
  • Cost: £44 for 3 courses for both of us! Really good!

Website –

Would I return here again? Yes, without a doubt! A nice country pub, serving quality pub food and real ales. What’s not to like.

Date of visit: Saturday the 6th of April 2014

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