Review: Wokooshii, Manchester

As I regular visitor to The Trafford Centre I guessed that I must have visited almost every single food place in there apart from this one! I think its mainly because some of the friends I go with are not fans of Japanese or fish related foods and therefore we usually eat somewhere else.

We visited on a busy Saturday and most places had a half an hour wait. However, Wokooshi was not even half full. Again, I think this is down to it being a bit different and not as well known as a lot of the food places in there. We didn’t let this put us off and were seated straight away.

The menu shows a picture of each dish, which I actually think is pretty good. Not many places do this and with a place such as this that serves different food I think that it helps, especially if you have never eaten there. I was reading on Trip Advisor about people bitching about the picture menu but I don’t see what their problem is. It also has very mixed reviews on Trip Advisor!

I was fairly hungry so picked some prawn tempura for starters, which is pictured below. Tempura just means batter I think. It came with soy sauce and lasted about 2 minutes on my plate before I ate it all.

For the main I ordered a noodle and fish based disch which I had never heard of before. I am a massive fan of trying new foods so I decided to give it a go! When it arrived it was in a much bigger bowl that I expected. For some reason I had expected something a bit larger than a cereal bowl but the bowl was massive. This dish is cooked at your table by the waiter/chef. Basically the bowl is red red hot and he puts the noodles, sauce and fish into the bowl infront of you and stirs it. It smelt amazing! The noodles were a very dark colour which I hadn’t seen before and when I asked the waiter why they were so dark he said they were South Korean noodles that you can’t get in a lot of places. It only took a few minutes for the chef to cook it as most of it was pre cooked in
the kitchen anyway.

I personally think this dish would be good to share between 2 people, especially if you get a starter each as. I have a big appetite but I couldn’t finish this!

I would go back and eat there again but its not a place i would take everyone to as, I can imagine some people not liking it.

One criticism I do have is about the chairs. They were pretty cheap plastic chairs and the place would benefit from some decent chairs!

Overall I would rate it a 7/10

Have you eaten at Wokooshii before? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below.

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