Review: Westminster Tea Rooms, Southport

I hadn’t visited Southport since I went there as a child with my parents. It was quite a sunny day and Emma decided that we should take a drive down to Southport and have a walk around the town then drive along the beach!

Walking down the High Street we passed Westminster Tea Rooms, which Emma had been to many times before. We decided that we should get a brew and a little something to eat before the main shops opened.

It was about half 11 on a Sunday when we walked in and the place was dead. Emma said it was usually always very busy, but it was a Sunday and still quite early. We took a seat and a waitress appeared from the kitchen at the back. She brought over 2 menus which she sort of half threw on the table and said, “There you go”. No “Good morning” or even a half smile. Not exactly the best first impressions!

We decided that we would both go for the afternoon tea with a scone which is pictured below.

These got eaten in about 2 minutes

These got eaten in about 2 minutes

As you can see, it looks pretty frigging good!

My mum is a regular baker of scones (please pronounce Scone as Scon) If you pronounce Scone as SCONE and not Scon then please leave this blog 🙂 The SCON was clearly freshly baked on the premises as it was still warm when it arrived on our table and smelt amazing. I was absolutely starving and quickly piled on as much butter, clotted cream and jam as i could. It tasted just as good as it smelt! Emma was also impressed with hers. I think I ate all of mine before she had finished her first half. I kept looking over hoping that she would say she was too full and leave me some….. but I had no such luck!

Proper tea!

Proper tea!

I almost forgot to mention about the tea that we got with the scone. It was made with proper tea leaves, which is how I guess it should be done in a tea room. You can certainly tell the difference between this approach and tea bags, as it just tastes that bit nicer.

Overall, I was impressed with the tea room despite the poor first impressions! If you are after a cup of tea and a bite to eat in Southport then it is somewhere I would recommend!

Here is a link to their trip advisor page as they don’t appear to have a website. Its only 2013 after all!

Overall i would rate it 7/10

One thought on “Review: Westminster Tea Rooms, Southport

  1. Paul Upton

    This is mine and my wifes favourite place, we’ve never managed to order anything else of the menu, even though they do lots of delicious looking meals. The cream tea is wonderful and too filling to consider even looking into having anything else. Normally later in the day we go to the Swan fish and chips place – I would definitely recommend it, especially considering how often you seem to order fish and chips ha ha.


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