Review: The Little Box of Treats, Stockton Heath, Warrington

Thanks to Cariad from for this image

Thanks to Cariad from for this image

I had only heard of this place about half an hour before we visited, thanks to a quick Google search. We were due to go to another tea room but the other review had put me off. This place was ranked number 1 for “places to eat in Warrington” on Trip Advisor with almost everyone giving it 5 stars. It had to be good then? Read on!

Now the name The Little Box of Treats bears no resemblance to what the place actually is. Well, that’s what I think anyway. This place is a Chinese tea room and bakery!

When we walked in we were greeted a waiter who showed us to our table. He handed us a copy of the menu which I should have taken a picture of.

This place has a big menu with lots of oriental teas to try. I am a fan of normal English tea but not the biggest fan of flavoured tea. Nevertheless, while this was somewhere different I ordered a fancy tea. All I can remember is that it was called Monkey “something”.


It looks pretty cool, doesn’t it? Having never had Chinese tea before I didn’t realise that the cup is very small – not much bigger than an egg cup – and doesn’t have a handle. This meant that it burnt my fingers when I picked it up haha! I think next time I would just go for a standard English tea as I don’t think fancy Chinese tea is for me.

On to the food!

We ordered the early bird meal which was priced at £12.50 each. For this you got a dim sum platter between you and the choice of about 8 meals such as chicken and sweetcorn soup and various noodle dishes. I went for the chicken with noodles and Emma went for the veg with noodles. Here is a link to their menu

dim-sum-little-box-of-treatsAlthough it may not look it the noodle dish was quite large and despite me having a good go at it when I was full it looked like I hadn’t touched it by the end! For the price it is great value and the dim sum was probably the best I have ever had.


After finishing our meal we went over the dessert counter and both picked out a dessert to take home to eat later on. I went for the vanilla slice and Emma chose the chocolate slice.


Overall I really liked this tea room as it was a bit different to others I have been to. I will definitely recommend it to friends and family and will visit again next time I am in Stockton Heath.

They have a gallery of their amazing deserts here

Have a look at their website here and they are also on twitter and facebook!

Date of visit: 23rd of September, 2013


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