Review: The Grill on the Square, Warrington

I had heard nothing but good things about The Grill on the Square in Warrington (where I am from). I had even tried a few times before to get a table but it was always booked up! A few friends of mine had been and had said a lot of good stuff about it.

Anyway, last Sunday it was a rainy day and after watching some Breaking Bad episodes we decided to finally try The Grill on the Square.

I had a quick check on the menu online with it being a Sunday and saw that there was a Sunday menu. This is slightly smaller than the normal menu but includes a Sunday roast dinner, which is something I hadn’t eaten for ages.


The bar area

As soon as we arrived we were greeted by a guy at a desk at the front who was very polite. He took us to our seat and handed us the menus. With us both having to drive that day alcohol was off the menu so we just ordered some cokes while we had a look at the menu. Here is a link to the Sunday menu if you are interested.

I think I could honestly eat just about every main meal on the menu! I couldn’t decide what to have but ended up picking the duck spring roll for the starter and the steak burger for the main. I know it’s a bit boring picking the burger when they were so many nice meals on the menu but I am a big burger fan! Emma went for the tomato soup and the steak pie.


My Duck starter

Emma couldn’t eat all of her soup or she said she would be too full. I had to help eat some of it 🙂

Emma's tomato soup

Emma’s tomato soup

Then the main courses arrived!

Nicely presented burger

Nicely presented burger

The presentation of my food in the box with the little jar of tomato sauce is really nice. If you compare it to Emma’s then her’s looks pretty boring. Maybe it’s because there is no salad or anything else on the side? We both agree though that her’s looked plain. However, taste is what matters.

My steak burger was pretty amazing and really meaty. Shortly after this visit my friend asked me what I had and said he would have recommended the burger to me as he had it when he visited as well.

Steak pie and chips

Steak pie and chips

Emma was pleased with her steak pie as well but complained that it was “very meaty” haha but it’s a steak pie so it will be.

The only thing that let this restaurant down was the fact that it was more or less empty, but it was about half 12 on a Sunday so that’s not the restaurant’s fault really.

When we were paying the waiter asked us if we wanted him to book us a taxi, which was nice. I don’t think we have ever been asked this anywhere else before.

I really wanted to try a dessert for this review but I was just too full and would have made myself sick if I had tried to force one down. Next time I visit I will just get a main course and then I will have room for a dessert.

On another note for anyone who is interested, there is a cool little bar just across the road on Palmyra Square called Palmrya bar, which is fairly new. They do some good cocktails and because of the location it doesn’t attract any idiots. Have a look at their site here as it’s literally a 10 second walk across the road.

Have you been to The Grill on the Square before? Let me know what you thought of it below.

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