Review: The Cat and Fiddle Inn

Welcome-to-teh-cat-and-fiddleAfter a long day of biking we were in need of some food. I mentioned to Bez that there was a pub on the top of the Cat and Fiddle road on the way home so we decided we would call in there. It is the 2nd highest pub in the UK and has great views of the English countryside on a clear day.

cat and fiddle

When we went in the place was dead, I wasn’t even sure if it was open. There was 1 guy sat in there having a beer and the bar lady was sorting something out. We got a beer but were told that food wasn’t served until 5pm. It was only half past 4 but we decided to wait.

Inside it does look quite nice and I can imagine if it was busier on the bar side where we were it would have a nice atmosphere.

cat-and-fiddle-barWe asked for a copy of the menu to look at while we waited. That way when we sat in the restaurant we could order straight away. The bar lady handed us 2 paper copies of the day’s menu. The choice was quite small but I guess all the food is fresh and that nothing is microwaved.

The menu that wasn't the actual menu......

The menu that wasn’t the actual menu……

At 5pm prompt we went through to the lounge area. It was really dingy and the girl who was on the bar at 5pm had gone home. In the corner was another girl painting some sort of sign for the pub. A random guy was walking around with a drill as well. I am guessing he worked there and wasn’t just a local handyman as the girl was talking to him like they were mates.


Dark inside even though it was 5pm

Anyway, after a few minutes no one came over, despite us being the only people in there. I went over to the girl and asked, “Do we order at the bar, or does someone come over?” We were told to order at the bar.

As I started ordering she was confused and asked what menu I had there. She checked and apparently I had been given the wrong menu……. Time to sit back down and look over it again (really hungry as well). She did, however, give us out first 2 drinks on the house for the mix up. We went back up and ordered and then sat back down.

There was some awful music coming out of the speakers and they were messing around with it a lot. Then the music went off and there was just BEEP! BEEP! This was every 10 seconds or s and was eeally, really annoying. It was like the beep on a Windows PC when you encounter an error.

Then someone who I think was the manager came out from a room behind us. He didn’t seem happy and started sort of shouting, despite there being customers (well, only us and maybe 1 other person in the bar area). He then left and the staff had a right good bitch about him! I could go on about this on here but wouldn’t want to get anyone into trouble. If you are bitching about anyone it is probably best to do it when there are no customers around!! Otherwise someone might end up blogging about it.

Also, the table we were sitting at had massive speakers in boxes right next to it.

Speakers make a lovely table right next to you. These were massive and taller than us sat down. It also meant our table was really close to the one next to use

Speakers make a lovely table right next to you. These were massive and taller than us sat down. It also meant our table was really close to the one next to us

Also, the door had just been taken off and step ladders left hanging around. This was in the evening when customers were in. Shouldn’t stuff like this be done when customers aren’t around? It made the place look a mess

Random DIY project going on. A door against the wall and some step ladders

Random careless it

DIY project going on. A door against the wall and some step ladders

Let’s get on to the food.

The food I can’t really fault. For starters I went for the garlic mushrooms and Bez went for the tomato soup.

Garlic mushrooms

Garlic mushrooms


Tomato soup

For the mains we both went for…… you guessed it. Fish and chips! Should this blog be changed to

fish-and-chips-cat-and-fiddleThe beeping noise was still going on and the place was still empty. I wasn’t sure if there were desserts but the beeping was really annoying and we hadn’t seen desserts on the menu. We went over to the bar to pay and left.

Would I go back? I am not sure! The food was amazing but the place lacked music and people. I imagine on a Saturday afternoon or Sunday lunch this place would be really busy. I will try it again if I am passing but where its located it’s not somewhere I am likely to be passing that often.

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