Review: The Bulls Head, Monyash

This pub was recommended to us by the local campsite as one to try. We hadn’t brought any food with us anyway, as we had planned on eating out at a nice pub.

the bulls headAfter about a mile of walking we arrived at the pub. Outside was a large stag party with people dressed up in fancy dress. The pub was heaving with locals and people who were staying around the area for the weekend.

As soon as we walked into the pub we saw that it was packed. This can

only be a good thing….. or a bad thing if you were as hungry as I was.

We enquired about a table in the restaurant area but were told it was fully booked. The other option was to sit in the bar. A table became empty about 2 minutes later and we quickly grabbed it before anyone else did.

The menu was pretty good with some nice pub food on it. There was also a specials board which had Lincolnshire sausage and mash. I decided to go for this (yes they did have fish and chips on the menu but i decided to be different). The sausage and mash came in a caramelized onion gravy and the sausages were a decent size.

sausage-and-mashApologies for the dark picture. I don’t know if you can actually make out the food properly.

This pub also had a good selection of real ales and lagers. The queue at the bar was quite big at times and there was only a few bar people on. I don’t think they had expected it to be that busy. The staff were working flat out though, so you couldn’t blame them.

Even though I was stuffed from the main course I still had room for dessert. I went for the chocolate brownies and Emma went for the vanilla cheesecake.

chocolate-browniesThe desserts were alright but nothing amazing. The brownies needed some ice cream as they were quite dry without it. Also, being a cheesecake lover I can’t say Emma’s was that amazing compared to some I have had in the past.

cheesecake-bullsheadOverall this was a great old pub with a lot of character. It has a dart board and pool table and if I lived in the local area it would be a pub I would visit on a regular basis.

For more information about the pub have a look at their website

Date of visit: 21st of September, 2013

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