Review: Pan Y Vino, Stockton Heath, Warrington

pan-y-vino-tapasHaving not reviewed a Tapas bar I thought it was about time I blogged about one. This is a Tapas bar that I didn’t even know was there, even though its got amazing reviews on trip advisor and I must have passed it before.

I booked a table for half past 7 on a Saturday night as I didn’t want to turn up and not be able to get a table.

When we arrived the place was busy, so we went up to the bar area to let them know we had a table booked. The waiter then showed us to our table. He was a Spanish guy which for a Tapas place is something I like, as it shows that it’s an authentic tapas restaurant. A few of the other members of staff were Spanish as well.

While we looked over the menu we ordered some drinks, I went for the cocktail of the week, which was a key lime cocktail. We ordered some bread and dips and 5 dishes between us.

The place was busy and after about 10 minutes our drinks still hadn’t arrived. I am not the most patient person and even though the place was busy I thought it was taking a bit too long. I asked a waitress who was passing where our drinks were. She said there had just been a big order of cocktails all at once so that’s why it was taking so long. After more than 15 minutes we got our drinks (which actually arrived after we got the bread). The cocktail was nice though and I guess it was worth the wait.

pan-y-vino-bread-and-dpsAfter munching all the bread and dips our main courses arrived.

pan-y-vino-tapasFrom what I can remember here is what our main courses were:

  • King prawns in batter with a sweet chilli dip (my favourite dish of the evening)
  • Potatoes with peppers and onions.
  • Chorizo in some sort of red wine sauce
  • Chicken croquettes with a garlic mayonnaise dip
  • Some sort of steak dish with onions (I can’t remember what sauce it was in)

By the end of the meal there wasn’t anything left in the tapas dishes! We had polished it all off.

Was there any room left in my stomach for dessert? Not really, but I had to have one!

I went for the Baileys cheesecake and Emma had a chocolate cheesecake. Out of the 2 the Baileys one was miles better as it seemed like a

proper home made dessert, whereas the chocolate one just lacked something and seemed like it might be a dessert that’s bought in.


Baileys cheesecake

Chocolate cheesecake

Chocolate cheesecake

Overall I would recommend Pan Y Vino to anyone who loves tapas. Apart from the slight delay with the drinks I can’t really fault anything else. Having visited La Tasca about 1000 times I would pick Pan Y Vino over it each time, as all the dishes were just that bit nicer and you can tell its all freshly made. Yes, it is a bit more expensive but when it comes to nice food I don’t mind paying a bit more.

The bill came to £69 for 2 of us, which included 5 tapas dishes, bread and dips, 2 deserts, 1 beer, 1 glass of wine and 2 cocktails. Half of this bill was for the drinks as the cocktails were about £6 each.

Have you been to Pan Y Vino? If you have, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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