Review: Jamie’s Italian, Liverpool

jamies italianThis wasn’t a planned visit, but after an afternoon drinking consuming a few pints of beer my stomach started to rumble and I decided I had to eat somewhere! It was raining like mad and we had just left Beerkeiler as you couldn’t even move in there, so there was no way we wanted to get food there.On the way out of Beerkeiler we passed Jamie’s Italian. I had tried to get in here before but there was always a long wait so I never bothered. This time there were tables free and we got seated straight away upstairs.

While we were deciding on our main courses we got some bread and dips. These were decent and included different types of bread.

bread-and-dipsThis time I ordered a pasta dish, which is something I rarely do when I am out. Pasta only costs a few pence when you buy it from the supermarket and being a meat lover I usually want a massive burger or a steak. Would I be left unhappy at not ordering something meaty?

I went for a spaghetti dish that had squid ink in it – that made it black – with scallops.

squid-inkI have to be honest and say that this was probably one of the worst dishes I have had in a long time. There just wasn’t much to it! Pretty tasteless. I knew I should have gone for a steak or something like that. Emma tried a bit and pulled a weird face when she tried it. She wasn’t impressed either.

spaghetti-bologneseEmma went for the Spaghetti Bolognese. I was hoping she would leave a bit which I could have at the end, but I had no such luck and she ate it all haha. I tried a bit, though, and it was 10 times nicer than my dish.

After finishing our mains we were brought the dessert menu. We were sat right by the part where they made the deserts so I had already seen them go past every 2 minutes. I had to order one.

desert-menuFrom the menu I went for the Epic Brownie and Emma went for the Eton Mess, which isn’t on this menu so must have been a special.

epic-brownieeton-messThe desserts were both really good and again I was jealous of Emma’s choice as hers looked and tasted nicer.

Overall I would go back to Jamie’s Italian again but not order what I did this time. The service was good and the prices were decent as well.

Have you been to Jamie’s Italian before? What did you think? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Date of visit: August 2013

4 thoughts on “Review: Jamie’s Italian, Liverpool

  1. Jack Oldham

    I’d pretty much agree with you on this Mike. I’ve eaten at Jamie’s Italian a few times and every time I’ve had a pasta dish I’ve been pretty underwhelmed, but always loved what the person I’m eating with has! As you said, there just doesn’t seem to be much flavour to them.

    The desserts look quality though, and the “Worlds Best” olives to start (their words, not mine) are absolute huge and delicious!

  2. Mike Post author

    Hi Jack,

    Thanks for the comments.

    I quite like Nando’s olives but overall I am not a big fan. If they are soaked in something then I can manage them. I will give them a try next time I visit

    1. Jack Oldham

      Ah see I’m the opposite – love them plain mostly! These come in a huge bowl of ice, not entirely sure why but it seems to work!

  3. Emma

    I’ve had the olives on ice and I must say they are the nicest olives I’ve ever had. As Jack said, not entirely sure why, but it works.


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