Review: Hickory’s Smokehouse, Chester

logoThis wasn’t a place I had planned on visiting but what a surprise I was in for! I was in Chester with Bez doing a mini pub crawl of all the old men’s pubs. We were down by the river and accidently stumbled upon Hickory’s Smokehouse. Straight away from looking at the menu we decided that we wanted to go in. It was like a Man vs Food place with pulled
pork sandwiches and food like that.

We walked in and were shown to our table. Straight away we were given a jug of water and some salted popcorn. I am not a massive fan of popcorn but for some reason I couldn’t stop eating it!

popcornWhile eating the popcorn we had a look through the menu and couldn’t decide what to order. The waitress came over and asked us if we were ready. I said that I wasn’t and thats when she pointed out the sharing platter which has a bit of everything. Perfect, I thought! Bez agreed and we ordered it.

sharing-platter-menuIt came with 2 different sorts of ribs, beef brisket (I had no idea what this was) and BBQ pulled pork. We also for some strange reason ordered some extra fries with chilli and cheese and some birds eyed chilli.

Here is a picture of the sharing platter. What a beast!

sharing-platter-hickorys-smoke-houseI am not normally a fan of eating ribs out at a restaurant as sometimes they are tough, you get sauce all over your face and generally make a right mess. These ribs however were some of the best I have ever had and you could take the meat off the bone with your knife and fork. I think the baby back ribs (hidden behind the other ribs in the picture) were the best ones.

Here are the extra sides we ordered of chilli chips and cheese, and the birds eyed chilli.

chips-chilli-cheesebirds-eyed-chilliI honestly don’t have anything bad to say about Hickory’s Smokehouse. I know if it was in Warrington I would eat there all the time. Luckily for my waistline it’s a bit far for me to visit all the time. The staff were good, the price was decent and the food was amazing! We managed to eat all the sharing platter and the extras and nothing was left except the coleslaw (who wants to eat that when you have all that nice meat on the


If you are ever in Chester then its worth checking out!

Here is their website if you want anymore information

Date of visit: August 2013

2 thoughts on “Review: Hickory’s Smokehouse, Chester

  1. Adem

    Man, that looks so good! I’d love to be a foodie blogger but I’m enough of a chubber as it is without all this lovely temptation out there!

  2. Mike Post author

    Thanks Adem. Haha I love food so its the perfect blog for me. I have got back into my running lately with all this food I have been eating.


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