Review: Hatters Coffee Shop, Warrington

hatters-rowWith most places that I visit I look at Trip Advisor to see if what I think is the same as what everyone else is saying. Hatters Coffee Shop only has 3 ratings, but they are all good reviews. I, however, will not be giving it a good review!

I am a fan of going to local, independent food places rather than chain restaurants. So for this visit into Warrington I decided to have breakfast here rather than going to Wetherspoons (still, in my opinion the best breakfast around)

The sign outside said full breakfast for £2.99, which is what tempted me in. Otherwise I probably wouldn’t have known that this little coffee shop is up there.

The breakfast arrived quickly, which was good as I was starving! However, it isn’t what I, personally, would call a FULL English breakfast. This is because it lacks hash browns or black pudding.


I am sorry to say that this was one of the worst breakfasts I had eaten in a long time. It was small, the sausage was crap and the toast was just thrown on top of the food so the bottom piece had gone all soggy.

Emma also got a teacake which was falling apart before she had even eaten it.

It was a bit of a shame really as I had expected so much better!

Have you visited Hatters Row Coffee Shop? What did you think when you visited?

Date of visit: 5th October, 2013

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