Review: Choux Choux Bedoo Cafe, Newton-le-Willows

I had been to this café a few times in the past but this time I thought I would blog about it. However, before writing this post I decided to search on Google for the café but spelt the name wrong every time. It has got a rather hard name to remember.


We had been away for the weekend and on the Sunday decided to call at the café for breakfast. I was absolutely starving, having driven for over an hour and a half. I therefore needed a full English breakfast and a nice cup of tea.

When we arrived there was a family in there who had just been served their breakfast. We both knew that we wanted the full English so I went up and ordered straight away.


The café has a nice atmosphere to it and is a bit quirky. There are sofas and different sized tables etc, along with some bar style stools along the side.


I should have taken a picture of the menu as there were quite a few breakfast choices to choose from.


Being someone who likes to eat a lot of food I do wish that the breakfast was a bit bigger. I am a big fan of hash browns and black pudding and would have liked 2 sausages. Maybe that’s just me being greedy but the big breakfast at Weatherspoon’s is an amazing breakfast that comes with everything. * Update – Breakfast now comes with a black pudding 🙂

The sausage being the best bit, as it was a tomato sausage. Luckily Emma couldn’t eat all of hers and I managed to eat half of that as well. It also came with 2 pieces of brown or white toast which are not in the photograph.

Emma also likes the way the beans come in a pot and I can see her point. A lot of people don’t want the rest of the breakfast covered in bean juice and with them coming in a pot it’s totally up to you. A famous quote for Alan Partridge fans is when he says to Lynn “use the sausage as a breakwater” as he doesn’t want the beans running into his egg.

This café apparently gets very busy at lunch time and I can definitely see why. As well as breakfasts it also does some nice looking homemade cakes which I must try next time I visit, as the only times I have been is for breakfast. They also do milkshakes and ice cream!

Check out their website at You can find links to their Facebook and twitter pages on there as well.

Date of visit: Sunday the 22nd of September, 2013

One thought on “Review: Choux Choux Bedoo Cafe, Newton-le-Willows

  1. Natalie

    Terrible customer service, asked for a menu and was told in a very rude manner that they don’t have menus…. Followed by shutting the door on me. Wouldn’t reccommend this place to anybody after being treated like that as a paying customer. That’s one way to lose business !


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