Review: Barley Mow, Warrington

barley-mow-outsideI wasn’t going to review this place, as it wasn’t a planned visit to review and we were only really popping in for a beer. However, we decided that we needed to get some food inside us before we had any more beers. We had planned on having quite a few so it was definitely time to order something to eat!

I didn’t want a massive meal and on the menu they had 2 meals for £7.45 which you can find on the menu here. We both went for the bacon and cheese burger.

barley-mow-burgerI think the curly fries might have cost 50p more but we both upgraded to those.

While this burger wouldn’t make my top burgers of all time, it was an ok burger. Certainly for the price. It could cost you more in McDonalds for one of their meals.

While doing this review I had a look to see if they had a website that I could add at the end of the review, and indeed they do. is their website, but those that have been to the Barley Mow will realise that the pictures on the website are not of the actual pub at all! The main picture of all the women drinking at the bar is a stock image and makes the Barley Mow look like some kind of trendy wine bar! Also have a quick look at this page. It would appear they have 15 chefs working there and also do what looks like one of the best breakfasts I have ever seen. Come on Barley Mow; update the pictures on your website. The pub is a nice traditional pub inside and some proper pictures would be good.

Overall its just average pub food. Nothing amazing. Nothing that bad. If you are in town having a beer and need some food then its worth getting something.

Have you been to the Barley Mow? Let me know what you thought in the comments below.

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