Review: Amalia Italian Restaurant, Liverpool

amalia-interiorI was off to Liverpool for the day to do some shopping, have a few drinks and find somewhere nice to eat. On the train to Liverpool I checked Trip Advisor and looked at the top places in the city. That’s when I realised just how many good food places Liverpool has. I was in the mood for an Italian and one of the highest rated Italian restaurants was Amalia. I knew this restaurant’s name rang a bell so I texted a friend about it. He had visited a few weeks back and said it was pretty amazing (he is a harsh critic as well). He texted back and said that as my reviews on here are positive then the Amalia one definitely will be. So off to Amalia I went!

When we arrived it wasn’t that busy, but it was about 3pm so I guess we had just missed the lunch time visits and were a bit too early for people arriving for their evening meal.

peroniFor starters we decided to share a garlic bread that had tomato and cheese on it. This was a pizza style garlic bread, which is my favourite type. As you can see by the picture below it was pretty massive.

garlic-breadIt did take quite a while for the garlic bread to arrive, and the waitress apologised for the delay. I would probably get it without the tomato next time.

For the main course I decided not to go for pizza even though I really wanted to try the calzone. I had ordered a Dominos last weekend and had the donner meat pizza from Iceland in the week so I didn’t want to have 3 pizzas in 7 days! They do a calzone challenge, which is definitely something I want to try at some point.

I went for the Tortellini Di Ricotta Con Pollo as it was something that I wouldn’t normally go for. It was a pretty awesome main course and quite filling.

Tortellini Di Ricotta Con Pollo

Tortellini Di Ricotta Con Pollo

Emma went for the Spaghetti Bolognese. I tried a bit of this and it was really nice. Maybe even the nicest spag bol I have ever tried. She said it was nice, but said it wasn’t quite as nice as the one she had at Jamie’s Italian.

spag-bolWe were both pretty stuffed after the main meals but I decided I would have a look at the dessert menu.

There was also the specials board as well.

specials-boardThe waitress recommended the orange chocolate cake, so this is what I went for. This dessert was OK but I wish I had picked the Tiramasu.

chocolate-orange-cakeThe service in Amalia was really good. We were greeted at the front by what looked like the owner or manager. He showed us to our tables and the waitress came over and took the drinks order straight away.

Drinks were slightly on the expensive side. It was £6 for a big bottle of Peroni, which was just over a pint sized bottle. Large glasses of wine were £6 each as well. But….. when I compare this to other Italians I have been to like ASK, I think a large Peroni costs about the same price there.

The total of the bill came to £53, which I thought was very reasonable. We both had 2 drinks each, so £24

of this was for drinks! If we had just both had 1 small drink then that brings down the bill quite a bit.

I would go back to Amalia again, but next on my list of Italians to try in Liverpool is Casa Italia, which my friend tells me does the best lasagne he has ever had.

Have you been to Amalia? Let me know what you thought in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “Review: Amalia Italian Restaurant, Liverpool

  1. Ste Owens

    Have you ever been Casa Italia in Liverpool, Mike? My fave, I’d love to see what you think next time you’re there…

  2. Sarah Shaw

    Amalia is top of my list for Italians in Liverpool! My boyfriend tried the Calzone challenge that they do their but he failed it hehe

  3. Rita Ciliberti

    Ravioli with chicken, lol!
    It’s painful for us Italians to see this..
    Suggest you to visit Italy and have proper Italian food.


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