Prezzo, Southport

prezzo-introPrezzo is an Italian I had visited once before with my parents in the Print Works in Manchester and had a good experience with, so while in Southport we decided to give it a try. It had only just turned 12pm so the place was pretty empty, but we were starving.

We got some olives and drinks while we had a look over the menu.

prezzo-olivesSorry about the pathetic picture of the olives, I was that hungry that I pretty much got stuck right into these before realising that I was going to write a blog post. Anyway, the olives were good and I munched these down

I decided to go for the burger (yes, another burger, but there hasn’t been one reviewed on here for a while) as it was just what I fancied at the time.

prezzo-burger-1prezzo-burger-2It doesn’t look much and to be honest, it wasn’t. I could have eaten 2 of these. It was alright, but a bit dry. I would not order the burger again from here. Its kind of my own fault, when you are in an Italian and have all those amazing pizzas and pastas to pick from, why the hell did I go for the burger?

Emma went for the light version of the spaghetti bolognese. It looked alright, but I thought it lacked meat! It was like 80% pasta and 20% meat, but maybe that’s what you get with the light version? The reason she went for this, is that she is currently on the slimming world diet, and this meal worked out at 7.5 sins (on the extra easy plan)

prezzo-spag-bolWhen I asked Emma what it was like she said that she prefers the Franky and Bennies one.

Overall the bill came to £31. This was for 2 main courses, some olives and 2 drinks. Not the cheapest when you think about it for 2 meals that weren’t that great. It’s a shame really as last time I went to one the pizza was pretty good.

Service was alright, the waitress and waiter were from Poland, not very chatty but efficient. I wasn’t asked if I would like any sauces but couldn’t be bothered to ask as she didn’t come back around again for a while.

  • Service: Efficient but not the happiest.
  • Atmosphere: We were in very early on a Sunday afternoon so it was very quiet. We were literally in there about 11:50am!
  • Food: Dry burger, average.
  • Cost: Probably a bit expensive when a lot of places have deals on a Sunday such as 2 courses for £12 etc.


Date of visit: Sunday the 22nd of March, 2014


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