North West Food Lovers Festival visit

splashThis wasn’t a planned visit to the North West Food Lovers festival.  If it was, I would have been more disappointed. It was only because I was in the Trafford Centre at the time and suddenly remembered reading online about a food festival that was in October.

I have been to quite a few food festivals this year but I am sorry to say that this one was the worst one. Why, you ask? Well I think it’s due to the fact it was indoors. It just didn’t have the same kind of atmosphere as the outdoors food festivals I had visited earlier in the year like the Manchester Food Festival that I wrote about last month. Even though the Manchester Food Festival was much much smaller it was just a much more enjoyable day out. Also the outdoor event was free to get into and the fact it was in the city centre meant it would have picked up lots of passing trade. The North West Food Lovers Festival was £8 to get in! That’s pretty  expensive and we almost didn’t bother because of the price.

Inside it was busy, but most people seemed to be sitting in the middle eating food that they had bought. I don’t like going up to the food stalls that offer tasters when no one else is there. You then feel that pressure to buy something or get involved in a conversation about their products that you don’t really want to.

Now don’t get me wrong, there were some great stalls at this festival. In fact, they were probably better than the other outdoor Manchester one, but as I said before I think it was due to the fact it was indoors that it just wasn’t the same. Also the outdoor festivals sometimes have a band on!

So what did I have to eat while I was there? I went for a hot dog from Piggy Smalls.

piggy-smallsFor those of you who are wondering where he has got the name from, it is from the rapper called Biggy Smalls who sang a song called Notorious.

piggy-smalls-hot-dogThat’s the hot dog that I got. It was nice but I made a right mess and got mustard on my jeans, my hoody, the table, my face and all over my hands!

pulled-pork-sandwichBez went for the pulled pork sandwich from the same stand. He said it was decent.

churrosBez also got some Churros and chocolate. These were the best Churros I have ever had but the company sign just said “Churros” and didn’t have a name, therefore I can’t give them any credit on the blog!

I also picked up some Grasmere gingerbread to take home.

gingerbreadI would recommend this gingerbread as it’s well nice!

Overall the food festival had some great stalls but would I go back? I don’t know! Maybe if the entry fee was a bit cheaper I would, but I prefer outdoor food festivals (even if its raining). Last year it was hosted at Tatton Park, so lets hope it goes back there next year.

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