Mr Lau’s, Warrington

mr-laus-featured-imageNote: I have now done a 2nd review here

This is a restaurant that is fairly new to Warrington. It is located close to The Grill on the Square and one of my favourite new drinking holes, The Palmyra Bar. This little area of Warrington town centre is improving all the time and doesn’t seem to attract any of the chavs that you get in the town centre.

This is actually my 2nd visit to Mr Lau’s, the first was after quite a lot of beers in The Palmyra and before I started my food blog. I can’t remember much about that visit so it was only fair to visit when I was sober. I think it also the 3rd Chinese restaurant in the town centre now, as we have the Chinese buffet and Hoi Tin, which has been there for as long as I can remember.

When you walk up the stairs there is the bar on the left hand side and the restaurant area on the right hand side. We were seated in the restaurant area which was about 30% full, but it was a Thursday night so I didn’t expect it to be that busy anyway.

We were offered 2 menus, the Dim Sum menu and the main menu. The Dim Sum menu is great if you are not that hungry and they do 4 for £10 in the week, and 5 for £10 on a Sunday. These are great for sharing. I could see myself coming back and having some Dim Sum and a few beers in the bar area on a night out. We were also given a bucket of prawn crackers to eat while we browsed the menu.

prawn-crackers-bucketmr-lau's-dim-sum-menuWe ordered 4 Dim Sum to share as a starter.

  • King prawn lollipops
  • Cheung Fan
  • Salt and pepper chicken
  • Steamed beef balls

The king prawn lollipops and the salt and pepper chicken


Cheung fan and steamed beef balls

Out of the 4 Dim Sum, the salt and pepper chicken was by far the nicest, followed by the prawn lollipops. The one that I wouldn’t order again were the steamed beef balls. These were a bit bland, but I had never had them before and I like trying new things.

In the main I was quite boring and ordered the most popular Chinese dish, sweet and sour chicken. This is a dish I always used to have at home but is a dish I rarely order from a proper Chinese restaurant. Emma went for the Chinese curry which she was told

was spicy. That was fine with her and she likes spicy stuff.

For the sides there were all the usual ones, but this place also has salt and pepper chips! These are amazing so I had to order them. Not a lot of places seem to do them so whenever I see them I have to get them.

Sweet and sour chicken

Sweet and sour chicken

Chicken curry

Chicken curry

Salt and pepper chips!

Salt and pepper chips!

The food was really nice and I pinched a bit of Emma’s curry. It was spicy indeed! Too spicy for me but she loved it. The sweet and sour that I got was decent as well; crispy chicken and not too many peppers. Some sweet and sours I have ordered in the past come with more peppers than chicken! What I don’t like as well is when you order sweet and sour chicken from a chippy and you get 6 massive balls of deep fried chicken and a tub of sauce to pour over yourself. What’s that all about?

Even though I am a food blogger I still feel a bit weird taking pictures of my food, especially if the flash decides to turn on and makes people look over. I decided not to use the flash for a lot of these photographs, so apologies if they appear a little dark. The restaurant itself is quite dark, which I personally like.

Another thing I liked about Mr Lau’s was the fact that you can see the chefs cooking from wherever you are sitting.

Apologies for the dark picture

Apologies for the dark picture

Overall the bill came to £52, this was for 2 beers, 4 Dim Sum starters and 2 mains with sides (extra cost for sides).

  • Service: Good service, they were attentive without being pushy. As soon as my beer ran out I was asked if I wanted another (no one likes to be left without a beer :))
  • Atmosphere: I like it. Mostly full of young people. Music wasn’t too loud and for a Thursday it was quite busy in the bar area.
  • Food: Decent. Next time I will order something I have never had for the main course but we were both happy with our choices.
  • Cost: Maybe a bit more expensive than some Chinese restaurants but we did get the Dim Sum as well as main courses.


Have you been to Mr Lau’s? Let me know if you agree with my review in the comments below

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