Marks and Spencer fish and chip pie!

marks-and-spencers-fish-and-chip-pie-3Just before I went on holiday I read an article about a new pie that Marks and Spencer were bringing out. A fish, chip and mushy pea pie! This is right up my street and so the next time I went into M&S I picked one up.

marks-and-spencers-fish-and-chip-pieHere is the pie before it went into the oven.marks-and-spencers-fish-and-chip-pie-2I had the pie with a piece of bread and some tomato sauce. Half of the pie ended up on the bread for a pie butty! You can’t beat a pie butty!

marks-and-spencers-fish-and-chip-pie-3The inside of the pie.

marks-and-spencers-fish-and-chip-pie-4Overall I thought this was a pretty nice pie. I like weird food like this though. Everyone else that I have shown it to has gone “urghhhh” or “oh nooooo” but they really should try one! Well done Marks and Spencer for coming up with something different.



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