Manchester food and drink festival

This was quite early on, but it got a lot busier later

This was quite early on, but it got a lot busier later

On a recent visit to Manchester to do some shopping and eat at Dogs and Dough we came across a the Manchester food and drink festival that we had no idea was on. It was only a small event when compared to the Cheshire food festival that’s on at Walton Gardens and Arley Hall but it had some amazing stalls.

We had just eaten at Dogs and Dough so I didn’t have much room left to try any of the food. This meant that we opted for a few drinks instead. There were a lot of tasters of beer and food at almost every stand. I think you probably could have got drunk on the alcohol samples alone!


The beer tent

One new drink I tried was caleld Grouse Ginger Ale. I quite like ginger beer but this one just seemed really refreshing and a bit nicer than Crabbies. If I see this in Asda I will definitely buy some.

ginger-grouseThe worst thing I had to eat was a vegetarian sausage. It was like eating a piece of rubber! I could never be a vegetarian.

With only a bit of room left in our stomaches after having lunch we went got some Churros to share from Churros and Chocolate.

churro-and-chocolateThese were £4 a go and the serving included quite a lot. The queue for this place was a lot bigger than anywhere else. They came with cinnamon, sugar and a small pot of hot chocolate sauce to dip them in.

churroOverall it was a decent little food festival and I found a new drink to try when I next go shopping!

Date of visit: Saturday the 28th of September, 2013

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