Mr Lau’s (2nd review)

I first reviewed Mr Lau’s last year when it was still quite new (review here) and I have been back about 6 times since then. It has quite mixed reviews on Trip Advisor but I think some of them are a bit unfair. I haven’t been when its really busy, but I don’t think I have ever had anything to complain about.

mr-laus-2We popped in for lunch on a Saturday about half 2 as I fancied some Dim Sum. I had a look through the Dim Sum menu but it was now 3 for £10, where as it used to be 4 for £10. Being someone who loves there food and is usually starving I don’t think 3 is enough for me. I didn’t want to pay the extra for a 4th as it would come to over £13 then. Please bring back the 4 for £10!

I then saw that they did a lunch time special, which has a starter and a main for £7.50. This is a much better deal than 3 dim sum for £10. I opted for this and went for the vegetable spring roll starter and chicken in chilli and garlic for the main.


mr-laus-spring-rollsWith Emma not being as hungry as me, she went for the dim sum and got the following:

Sour Dough bun


I tried one of these, they were not bad, but I prefer something meaty. She really liked them.

Char sui chun bun

mr-laus-dimThis one is one of my favourite dim sums.

Overall it was a nice Saturday lunch, the total of the bill came to £22, this was for 3 dim sum, the 2 course lunch time special and 2 drinks. The waitress that served us was new (I think), as I hadn’t seen her before, I think she was Polish. My only critical point would be that she didn’t seem interested in serving us and was very short when speaking to us. She took the food order but not the the drink order so i had to quickly remind her that we needed some drinks as well.

Will I be going back to Mr Lau’s? Yes, I will be going back. Maybe on a Sunday when its 4 dim sum for £10.

2 thoughts on “Mr Lau’s (2nd review)

  1. Mr. Lau's

    Thanks for the reviews!

    Not sure if you have been in lately, but the dim sum are on a great offer on Mondays 5 for £10 all day!

    If you like Steak and Lobster, the best day to try it is on Sundays! Any sauce, served with French Fries £15 all day! Dim Sums for starters any 4 for £10!

    Hopefully see you soon, and hopefully you’ll write another great review! If you use twitter please share with @mrlausdimsumbar

    Thanks again!


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