What my housemate ate today

You might remember that I did this post last year about a meal that my housemate had to eat. I was hoping it would become more of a feature, but she has let me down lately. I managed to get a picture of this gem of a meal the other day though.


She came in and said “I think I may have overfilled the bowl”. I looked over and saw what she was eating. This is a bowl of mashed potatoes and mince with some onions I think.

Would you eat this? Let me know in your comments below.

2 thoughts on “What my housemate ate today

  1. Sally

    Well we have all overfilled our bowl from time to time. I like to eat my food off a plate normally. Bowls are for soup, cereal and sometimes pasta if you have those nice shallow bowls.

    Was she drunk? Sometimes I have done something like that when I have had one or two many sherbets.

    I hope she enjoyed her food anyway. I wouldn’t eat that grotty looking M & S pie you ate, but I hate mushy peas.

    I will check back here mainly to write critical and sarcastic comments. I am that sort of girl.

    Sally (not from the alley!)

    1. Mike Post author

      Hi Sally,

      Thanks for your comment, sorry I have only just seen it to approve it. She wasn’t drunk! That M & S pie was the best haha!


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