Old Dungeon Ghyll, Great Langdale

old-dhungeon-ghyll-mealAfter a day spent walking in the Lake District it was time to finish the day with a pint and some food! Where better than Old Dungeon Ghyll?


Located in Great Langdale the Old Dungeon Ghyll is a popular start and end point for a lot of walkers in the Lake District. There is nothing fancy inside this pub, but it doesn’t need to be fancy, its a proper walkers pub!

As it was a wet Sunday there wasn’t that many people inside, I have been here in the summer when you can hardly move inside and they sometimes have bands on.

We grabbed a table and had a look through the menu. There isn’t much choice on the menu but its all proper home cooked pub meals. I would rather have a limited menu with fresh home cooked food than a massive menu with it all being frozen food.

old-dhungeon-ghyll-barAfter ordering a pint of real ale I went up and ordered the food. We both decided to go for the steak and ale pie with chips and peas.


old-dhungeon-ghyll-mealAlthough I am not normally a fan of pies that just have pastry on top this one was really nice as it wasn’t the flaky pastry that you normally get. This was the perfect meal for after a long walk and nothing was left on the plate at the end.


old-dhungeon-ghyll-fireAfter our meal we were still both soaked as it had not stopped raining all day. We moved infront of the fire to finish our beers and dry out a bit before the massive drive home!

  • Service: Friendly bar staff.
  • Atmosphere: This time it wasn’t as busy as when I have been in the past, but it was nice with the fire going
  • Food: A decent pie. Just what I needed after a walk.
  • Cost: I can’t remember……

Website – http://www.odg.co.uk

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/theolddungeonghyllhotel

Have you been to The Old Dhungeon Ghyll before? What did you think of it? Leave a comment in the box below and let me know.

Date of visit: Sunday the 23rd of February

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