Dogs N Dough, Manchester

dogs-and-dough-insideI first heard about this place the other week while reading another food bloggers site. It looked pretty cool and somewhere that is a bit different. I have always like trying different places so I had to give it a go. It is still quite a new venue and has only been open a few months so I thought it would be good to try it out.

When I arrived in Manchester there was a food festival on just across the road (read about that here in my other post). It was hard not to just eat everything in the festival, but I knew I wanted to try Dogs N Dough so quickly left the festival to return after I had feasted on hot dogs.

It is located down a side street just off where they have the Christmas markets – called Albert Square. I had to use Google maps on my phone to find it as I always get lost in Manchester.

The venue is downstairs and when we arrived there were a few families already in there with quite a few tables reserved. We were greeted by the waiter who showed us to our table and handed us some menus.

dogs-and-dough-menuWe couldn’t decide what hot dogs to get so decided to pick 2 to share between us so that we got to try more than 1. And yes, I probably could have eaten everything off the menu.

We ordered some cocktails which actually cost more than the hot dogs! These were normal Manchester cocktail prices though.

While we were waiting for our food we were brought some dog bites which were Jalapeno, cheese and bread bites (free of charge). They were quite a nice little appetiser while we awaited the main course.

dog-bitesBetween us we got the Chilli Dog and The New Yorker and a side of fries with cheese on to share.


The New Yorker

The New Yorker

Chilli Dog

Chilli Dog

Now, we did think beforehand that the food here in here would be messy but we didn’t realise quite how messy. The chilli dog bun got soggy really quickly and split along the bottom. Chilli was falling everywhere and I had it all over my face and the table. It was quite funny, but if you don’t like making a mess or food all over you then this isn’t for you

Messy hot dog

Messy hot dog

Out of the 2 hot dogs I think I would go for the chilli dog again, even if it did make a mess.

Overall the bill came to £38 for 2 hot dogs, 2 cocktails and a side of fries.

Would I return to Dogs and Dough again? Yeah, I would definitely go again, as its open until 2am at the weekend. I can imagine it’s the sort of place that after a few beers with mates I would want to go and eat at and enjoy a beer while stuffing my face. I quite like the dark underground setting as well. I can’t fault the service and the music was great.

Check out their website here –

Have you been to Dogs and Dough? Leave your comments below and let me know what you thought of it.

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