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Today I paid a visit to Almost Famous in Liverpool. Almost famous is somewhere that a lot of other food bloggers that I follow have been visiting lately and most of them seem to be getting excited over it. I had to see what all the fuss was about and if it really was that good. I also have a friend who keeps sending me pictures of the Almost Famous burgers she keeps eating!

kids-in-america-burgerWe arrived just after midday and there was already quite a few people in. Quite a good sign considering its not on a main street of Liverpool, so its unlikely to pick up much passing trade. I had no idea where it was without looking at the website and using Google maps on my phone.

We grabbed a seat and had a quick look through the menu, which oddly is not available on the website. Or maybe I was being thick and couldn’t see it!? Have a look here

While we were looking at the menu it was really cold! So cold, that I didn’t want to take my coat off. Bez also kept his on,  I looked around and everyone else had theirs on! So it wasn’t just us. More heating next time please!

Being a massive burger fan there was a good choice on the menu and I knew from looking at other food blogs that these burgers were big.


After some decision making I went for the Kids in America burger, but was almost swayed by the Triple Threat burger as it came had pulled pork on it

Kids in America

Kids in America – Triple candied bacon cheeseburger, chedder jalapeno pretzel crunch, chipotle ketchup, famous sace, pickle, and diced onion

 Bez is a big fan of spicy food and went for the suicide burger.


Suicide Burger – Double cheeseburger rinsed in hot sauce, chillies, jalapeno relish, iceburger lettuce, bleu cheese sauce


The half eaten Kids in America burger

What did I think of the burger? Well, it was pretty amazing. I couldn’t stop stuffing my face with it and sauce ended up all over my face and all over the table! The meat was really nice and I like the crispy pretzels were a nice touch as well. If I was making my dream burger it would be something like this one.

The prices are pretty good I guess for Liverpool and the fact they are big burgers! These don’t come with chips though and we ordered 1 portion to share between us as they looked like a decent portion size. almost-famous-chipsAlmost Famous offers a self service system where you go up and order at the barl. I like this as it saves any messing around at the end waiting for a bill.

I also read that they have just opened a new place in Manchester so next time I am over that way I will have to pop in and try that one.

Overall the bill came to about £24 which included 2 cokes, 2 burgers and chips.

  • Service: Can’t really score this as it was self service. Staff seemed nice enough and explained the menu to us.
  • Atmosphere: Some decent tunes playing quite loud. Not the sort of place my parents would like, but it is definitely aimed at younger people. It was rather cold inside though.
  • Food: Really good burgers!
  • Cost: Pretty decent overall!


Date of visit: 6th of December, 2013

One thought on “Almost Famous, Liverpool

  1. Big Eater Eddie

    I think there is a lot of “hype” around Almost Famous. They have done a lot of social media work that is working well for them. I tried the one in Manchester the other week. Average burgers in a place that is trying to be “to cool for school” with over priced drinks. I would go back, but not in a hurry.


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