Review: Piccolino, Stockton Heath

I was recently invited to try out the newly refurbished Piccolino restaurant in Stockton Heath. It is a place I have eaten at many times in the past, so I certainly wasn’t going to say no! When we arrived we were given a quick tour of what had changed and I have to say I……{ Continue Reading }

Black Country Pork Scratchings Review

As stated in the Open Shaws Pork Scratchings Review article, I was pleased to be given the chance to review both the Open Shaws line of pork scratchings and the ones I will be reviewing in this article – Black Country Pork Scratchings.  The interesting thing is, and I am sure it will be easy……{ Continue Reading }

Openshaws Pork Scratchings Review

I recently had an interesting experience in one of my local pubs.  I had been drinking a few and bought some pork scratchings and because they were so good, I tweeted about them from the pub.  The company behind that particular brand saw my tweet and asked if they could send me some of their……{ Continue Reading }

My review of Pesto in a Pub in Widnes

I was recently invited to review Pesto in a pub, in Widnes. I have visited a few other Pesto restaurants but I hadn’t actually tried this one despite it being about 10 minutes down the road. When we arrived we were greeted at the front desk and shown to our table. With it being a……{ Continue Reading }

My housemates mixed grill

So, my housemate made a mixed grill and sent me a picture of it……. Can you work out what is in this meal? I can see some pale looking beans and half a tin of onions……. not for me! Posted on October 15, 2014 0 Comments

Review: Fazenda, Liverpool

I have been wanting to try one of these Brazilian meat restaurants for a while and Emma decided to treat me and booked us into Fazenda. My house mate had recently been and had raved about how good it was. He is a real critic who doesn’t say positive things about a lot of places……{ Continue Reading }

Review: Efes Brasserie, Warrington

With our first 2 choices of restaurant being full we were stuck on somewhere to go for a meal. Emma didn’t fancy Chinese and I didn’t fancy most of the other places in town. In was then I remembered Efes Brasserie which has actually been in Warrington for over 30 years, as my parents visited……{ Continue Reading }

Review: Caffe Curuso, Warrington

My housemate and I were starving and decided that we should go out for lunch and get something tasty! Our usual choice would be Nandos, but I really wasn’t in a Nandos mood. We decided to head into town to find somewhere. I then remembered Caffe Curuso which is a small Italian in town that……{ Continue Reading }

Review: The Maplewood Chinese, Widnes

This is probably my favourite Chinese restaurant that I have ever been, and I am finally glad to it reviewed on here 🙂 Normally when I come here I go for the buffet menu where you get soup, a load of mixed starters, duck and then finally the main courses. This time we just decided……{ Continue Reading }

Crisps with a burger?

This is just a short post about something I had to eat at a Wetherspoons in Liverpool airport. I was starving and wanted something decent to eat before I boarded my flight. As soon as I saw the Wetherspoons I went in there, saw the burger on the menu and ordered it. I clearly didn’t……{ Continue Reading }